Going to college comes with a lot of excitement. However, one may be worried about how to meet friends, where to meet new people, whether or not they will pass or fail in class, being homesick or even handling responsibility away from their cozy homes. The scariest feeling is the fear of having no friends in college.


Learning how to make new friends in college or where to meet new people is a vital skill. It requires an open mind and realistic expectations. To make a new friend does not require putting a lot of pressure on yourself. This is particularly important if you have no idea as to how to meet friends or are not able to form a circle of friends right away.

The first few months can be tough for freshmen, but you should learn to keep yourself available. Megan Pomnitz, a freshman at the University of Michigan, admitted that she met most of her good friends by keeping her door open for the first few weeks. Another way for those who don’t know where to meet new people is to start a random conversation with someone close to you.

Making new friends could at times be very tricky but have you ever thought about the numerous places you can make a friend at? Where to meet new people does not matter since any venue or place is appropriate for making new friends. The important thing is to choose the moment right and be open-minded. The best place to meet new friends in college is always during orientation and campus tours.

Social media is the other place you can engage in if you don’t have the slightest idea on how to make new friends in college. One of the sites known as FAMU chat room on Twitter could be the place you find your closest friend on campus. This site could also help you find a good roommate among the online groups of friends.

To find a good and trustworthy friend, you also need to be genuine. Dana Daggett said that she made a friend in a bathroom when she accidently pushed the bathroom door on her and later made a joke about the horrible bathroom. They, later on, laughed aloud and even exchanged names.

You can use so many ways if you have no friends in college. Student years should be a chance to turn your life around and be the best ones.

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