The skills of writing a narrative essay are very important in any area of research. A narrative essay depicts one’s experience and allows people to make their own conclusions. The most crucial point of any narrative essay is masterful guidance of the readers within the piece of writing, instead of asking people many rhetorical questions. Below, you will have the possibility to find a good example of a narrative essay.


My Secret Place

Do you enjoy being lonely? What is your own attitude to it? Do you assume that becoming isolated from the entire world is a good way out? Many people who experienced loneliness assume that it is really bad to be left alone with themselves. However, you can be a kind of person who likes being alone. Do you usually search for loneliness and highly value each moment you may spare in the silence? There are people who really need certain moments of loneliness. Such silent breaks may assist them with replenishing their energy, reorganizing their thoughts, and starting a brand new day with a refreshed state of mind. What will be your particular answer?

Personally, I belong to the second type of people. I think that solitude may turn out to be a real gift in some cases. When I was a child, I had a great place where I could spare unforgettable moments being totally alone. I grew up in not a very big town in the center of the US on a steep hill my beloved family owned. There used to be a warehouse on the top of the hills. As far as I remember, nobody knew its actual history. It looks like this warehouse simply appeared from nowhere and was as a symbol of something really vital. Some people state that this warehouse could be used within the times of the World War II. Others assume that it was owned by the slaveholders who lived in the town a long time ago and used this place to keep the slaves. When I was a child, I imagined this old wooden warehouse as a secret place with some amazing story of treason and endless love.

Without any hesitation, the warehouse had a secret, and thus nobody dared to visit this place. Kids were also afraid, and adults did not have any desire of making such a long way without any reason. During all this period, the warehouse had only one visitor, and that was me. I liked sitting on the attic with my legs hanging. I met a great number of sunrises there and saw many sunsets. I also truly enjoyed observing tiny ants running around me, numerous birds making their nests above my head, as well as the whole life. Now, I am sure these were the most memorable days of my life. I felt as though I were a part of something really enormous and incredible.

Definitely, I believe that my destiny was determined to some extent by that aged warehouse. I managed to understand myself much better, with the help of the stories of those people I rarely met in the warehouse. These were either seasonal workers or people who had no home. Their perplexed and complex but cheerful and easy-going attitude towards this world helped me to give answers to the most confusing questions for the teenager: Who am I? What is the essence of a human being? Why does everything happen in this particular way? What should I start to do with my life?

Even today, being an adult, I still keep on enjoying these rare minutes of loneliness and may sometimes spare a couple of hours with a number of strangers who come into my life as visitors for only a few hours. They usually tell me their stories about their life, and I always try to learn some useful lessons from these captivating stories.

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