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How to Write a Synopsis of an Article?

In general, the aim of any synopsis paper is to provide an in-depth analysis and a critical overview of an article or a piece of literary work. As such, apart from writing fluency you are required to demonstrate excellent critical thinking skills. To succeed in synopsis writing, you should first and foremost set aside enough time for the paper preparation. You need to read the assigned text, pay attention to the main idea, and highlight the key points that you find most essential for review. Before the writing process, it is recommended to compose an outline, where you gather all ideas and findings and think of their future implications or their overall significance. If a synopsis is assigned within the academic setting, a student would be most probably asked to review their own research paper or a dissertation.

What should the writing process be like if you plan to work on the synopsis on your own? First, identify the main focus of the literary work you are to review. Once you have outlined the focus of your paper, it will be easier for you to seek for the corresponding ideas in the reading. As such, be sure to take notes in the process in order not to overlook any details afterwards. Second, decide on your own motifs for writing: why you are writing it and what you are going to do step-by-step. The motifs may be different. For example, you may be interested in merely summarizing the article, so it will be better to put emphasis on providing interesting details and examples. If you intend to critique the article or the research design, you should focus on providing a really brief summary and then focusing on the critical evaluation of the given reading.

The Reading Process

As you are reading the article, give yourself sufficient time to focus on all details and carefully read the content. At this point, you should do your best in order to spot the most important parts and not overlook anything. Adequate time is needed not only for reading but also for comprehending the article in detail. It is impossible to provide a good article synopsis if you do not get its central idea and what it is about. In-depth understanding is significant, as you will have to overview the text in your own words.

Follow the checklist that will help you better understand the key aspects of the reading:

  • Determine the aim of the research and identify the main research questions.
  • State whether the research hypotheses were tested and proved or disproved as a consequence.
  • Provide an overview and critical analysis of the methodologies used for testing the hypotheses.
  • Specify and analyze research results and findings.
  • Provide a brief summary of the whole article.

For summary, be sure to pick only the most important and relevant information. Do not merely state it but also try to explain and interpret it in your own words. When summarizing, you should not use any quotes or examples from the article – just your own summary.

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Types of Synopsis

Depending on what you write about, you need to identify the following types of synopsis writing:

1. Project synopsis. This type of paper is predominantly used in the field of engineering and science. As such, you would be more focused on summarizing specific goals, research process findings, ideas, and conclusions. Initially, you need to provide a problem statement in the summative form and indicate what aims and goals were addressed. Afterwards, it is essential to delve deeper into details, pinpoint to the project significance, mention participants of the research or experiment, etc.

2. Research synopsis. This one is really commonly assigned in institutional affiliations. When a student gets this assignments, they are expected to provide a summary of the given research problem or issue. All the steps should be mentioned and then it should be briefly discussed what conclusion has been drawn.

3. Literary synopsis. This is a brief overview of some story or a piece of fiction. When a writer plans to write a paper synopsis, it means that it is necessary to include the most interesting and appealing facts in order to maintain interest of the publisher and also provide enough details for them to understand what the story is about.

Professional Synopsis Writing Help

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