There are various writing styles used in academic writing. Usually, professors ask to use different writing styles, so that students will be aware of modern writing rules. Whenever students accomplish their writing tasks, they develop critical and analytical skills. More and more often, students are required to write a reflective essay that is dedicated to the presentation of personal experience, ideas, and feelings on the chosen issue.


Reflective Essay and Its Purpose

It is of great importance to understand the purpose of writing a reflective essay. Usually, it is assigned for students to reflect what they have already learned in the class. Moreover, writing reflective essays presumes sharing a personal understanding of the issue and presentation of the key findings and solutions. Usually, reflection essays include an analytical part, which defines the key facts in relation to the chosen topic. In general, reflective essays are assigned for students to express their feelings, attitude, standpoints, etc.

Hints for Writing a Reflective Essay

  • At first, brainstorm the ideas and define the future focus of your essay.
  • Create an outline for your essay.
  • Always use only one writing style.
  • Create a plan for your essay in accordance with the provided instructions.
  • Write an effective introductory paragraph that comprises a strong thesis statement.
  • Follow one of the essay structures that were given by your professor. Every essay should include the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.
  • The conclusion should be a summary of the whole paper.
  • Edit your essay to avoid grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Essay Writing Process

Usually, the essay writing process comprises several parts, which presumes the use of analytical skills. The first part is the description of the issue. The second part presumes creating a reflection of the situation. If you are not aware of such parts, you are welcome to use free sample papers as models for your writing.

  • Description presumes presenting the main facts that relate to the experience you write about. You have to incorporate the setting of the situation and its main actions. Everything should be presented in a chronological order. It is also advised to include the information about people who took part in the event. The description should not provide your personal reflection of the matter.
  • Reflection is the next part of essay writing. Here you have to present your personal experience, ideas, feelings, etc. However, always follow the chosen topic and do not present details that are of little importance.

The Way to Express Your Ideas

Most students do not like to write a reflective essay due to its complexity.

  • Many educational establishments assign numerous reflective essay writing tasks that are a vital part of a studying curriculum.
  • Reflective essay writing not only improves general writing and analytical skills, but also allows students to explore their inner feelings towards the chosen topic.
  • Whenever you do not know how to structure your essay, you can find free sample papers.
  • Whenever your professor provides certain instructions for the essay writing, explicitly follow them.

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