Among our company’s Terms and Conditions, the Fair Use Policy bears significant importance as it ensures stability and transparency of relations between the Customer and the Company. Therefore, in case of any conflict or misunderstanding, the Fair Use Policy is the one you can rely on.

Specifically, the Policy outlines the main principles of cooperation as well as the company’s guarantees. More so, you can find clear guidance on how to use our services in order to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion.

What Is Fair Use Policy?

Our company provides top-quality services with the aim of assisting students of different academic levels with writing tasks. Apart from delivering custom writing services, our company also provides professional guidance with any other writing tasks that students are given throughout their academic path. Our company consists of expert professionals who can add more understanding even to the most complicated academic tasks.

You will surely excel in your studies and find them enjoyable with the help of our company. When you get papers from us, you will be able to use them as samples for your future assignments, i.e. you will get to know how to structure papers and how to develop ideas in a logical and consistent manner. You should certainly get familiar with the Policy to know what paper types you can order from us and what forms of cooperation are available.

Our writers’ assistance is intended for students who find it hard to succeed in academic writing. If you find your curriculum really challenging and complicated or if you have to research plenty of materials but have no time for it, feel free to rely on our company.

Our service is legitimate, so all papers you receive from us should be used solely for your own academic purposes but not some kind of misconduct. You can rely on our writers as a role model who can guide you throughout the process of writing. Our aim is not merely to provide you with quality custom writing help but also present the basic guidelines on writing to you so that you could cope with academic papers on your own as well.

Orders you get from us serve the following purposes:

  1. Give you understanding of the general concept/idea/topic you need to investigate.

  2. Clarify paper requirements and provide a sample draft as per instructions.

  3. Provide you with clarity on how to deal with the task or area of research.

  4. Share an outline/ plan for your future papers or studies.

  5. Give you sufficient understanding of terminology or professional jargon to cope with the subject adequately.

  6. Structure the knowledge you already have on the given topic.

  7. Provide you with credible and peer-reviewed sources that could be used as supporting evidence.

Orders from our website should be treated in the following way:

  1. To get extra resources in order to research the given topic.

  2. To grasp the general idea and use it as a starting point when producing an original piece of writing by yourself.

  3. To make sure your own understanding of the topic is correct.

  4. To get to know the basic points of the topic so that you can focus on them in your own paper.

  5. To formulate fresh ideas, arguments, opinions on the assigned topic.

  6. To come up with opposing arguments.

  7. To ensure that the research adheres to academic writing and formatting standards.

We ask you to follow the rules of academic integrity and use papers you get from us as flawless samples for your own original research.

Zero Plagiarism Policy

We do not tolerate plagiarism, which denotes the usage of others’ work or intellectual property and presenting it as if it were your own. Plagiarism belongs to one of the strictest violations of academic integrity principles. So, if you submit papers received from our company as your own, you will not use them in a proper manner and may even discredit yourself.

Ensuring Fair Usage

When you are using our service, do not submit papers as if they were your own. Claiming your authorship is infringement of intellectual rights, so please use the samples as templates for your own original works. To get to know more information about originality of content, check out the reasons for Fair Use. Besides, remember to scan your academic papers via anti-plagiarism software.

All paper samples you receive from our service are intended to help you better understand academic tasks. Specifically, you may use them to improve structure and organization of your academic paper. More so, keep in mind that you should not distribute or resell papers to your acquaintances or groupmates.

When you use services not according to our Fair Use policy, you may encounter the consequences outlined by the rules and regulations of your educational establishment. So, be sure to adhere to the policy in order to avoid any misunderstanding. If you disagree with the Fair Use policy, it means that cooperation with us will hardly be effective and fruitful for you.

Contact Our Service

We are always happy when new clients turn to us for help. On our part, we prefer to cooperate with those who share principles of academic integrity. Our professional team is ready to deal with issues of unfair service usage. We guarantee anti-plagiarism measures to perform content checks of all orders.

If you have questions concerning our company or the Fair Use policy, feel free to contact us via email