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What is a Motivational Letter?

A motivation letter is usually attached to your CV or resume. It is 1-page piece of writing, aimed at depicting you as the best candidate for a college or any other position.

Usually, a motivation letter is written in such cases:
1. You are looking for a position in a non-profit organization;
2. You want to work as a volunteer in some organization;
3. You need to have an internship in a particular company;
4. You are applying for some educational establishment (either college or university).

Many students confuse motivation letter with cover letter. It may only seem that they are similar but, in fact, they have sufficient differences. A cover letter is like an introduction to your resume, while a motivation letter is like a final statement that is aimed at supporting all the information that is presented in your resume or CV.

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Many individuals ask: What is the point of a motivation letter? How can it make my resume better and how can it help me get the desired position?
Different organizations receive dozens of resumes on a regular basis. Many people want to apply for specific positions or go to colleges and universities. However, the management of the companies and committee members in colleges want to know what motivation these people have and what makes them apply for curtain positions. As a result, only the most motivated people will get what they want.

How to Write Motivation Letter: Expert Hints

Motivation letter writing is a time-consuming task. However, there exist ways to make this process easier. Below is a short guide on how to organize your work and make writing more effective. Moreover, these recommendations with the help you create a letter you need.
Writing of this type of paper should consist of such steps as:

  • Outline writing.
  • Creating introductory part.
  • Main body writing.
  • Concluding part.
  • Editing and proofreading.

The following tips will show you how to create a good motivation letter:

- Meet the requirements.
Each college or university may have specific guidelines regarding motivation letter writing. Make sure you know them prior to starting your work. If not specific instructions are given, make sure your letter is no longer than one double-spaced page written in Times New Roman.

- Reveal your personality.
The letter must have a personal touch. Considering that you are trying to explain your desire to obtain a specific position or enter a college, you should provide a reflection on personal feelings, thoughts. Such an approach will help make your paper more personal. However, avoid too much humor in your paper because it may be understood wrong.

- Use understandable language.
Avoid using colloquial words, jargon, complex terms, and other words and expressions that can make your letter difficult to understand. The task of admission committee members is to get to know you better but not to solve your personality as a puzzle.

- Put stress on your strengths.
By showing your strong sides, you will be able to demonstrate how valuable you can be for an educational establishment or an organization. Besides, it will help demonstrate that you always stay positive without focusing on problems and failures.

But a Motivation Letter from the Pros

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