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A motivation letter is an important document that should help admission officers figure out whether you are a good candidate or not. By serving as your personal profile, it may influence the admission process both positively or negatively. Therefore, you should do your best to make a good impression on the admission board by providing a document of superb quality.

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What is a Motivational Letter?

A motivation letter is a document that is usually attached to your CV or resume. Typically, it is a 1-page piece of writing, aimed at depicting you as the best candidate for a college or any other position. Usually, a motivation letter is written in such cases:

  1. You are looking for a position in a non-profit organization;
  2. You want to work as a volunteer in some organization;
  3. You want to take an internship in a particular company;
  4. You are applying to some educational establishment (either college or university).

Many students mistakenly confuse a motivation letter with a cover letter. It may only seem that they are similar but, in fact, they have significant differences. Whereas a cover letter is like an introduction to your resume, a motivation letter is a final statement that is aimed at supporting all the information that is presented in your resume or CV.

Different organizations receive dozens of resumes and many students apply to various colleges on a regular basis. Of course, the management of these institutions wants to know what motivates people who apply to them. When the person proves that their motivation is high, they will get higher chances to be accepted.

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How to Write Motivation Letter: Expert Hints

Although motivation letter writing is a time-consuming task, there are some ways to make this process easier. Below, you will find a short guide on how to organize your work and make the writing process more effective. The process of creating a good-looking paper should consist of the stages indicated below:

  • Thorough planning;
  • Outlining;
  • Making an engaging introduction;
  • Composing the main body part;
  • Summarizing a paper.

The following tips will help you come up with an impeccable document:

  • Follow the prompt provided. Each college or university may have specific guidelines for handling this task. Before you start working on your document, you need to study these guidelines thoroughly because if you overlook any of them, you put your academic reputation at risk. If no specific instructions are provided, make sure your paper is no longer than one double-spaced page written in Times New Roman.
  • Reveal your personality. To make your paper sound engaging and attention-grabbing, you should give it a personal touch. Considering that you are trying to explain your desire to obtain a specific position or enter a college, you should provide a reflection on personal feelings, thoughts, and ambitions. Also, you may add humor whenever it is appropriate as it will help you make your audience enjoy reading your paper;
  • Use understandable language. In your document, you should avoid using colloquial words, jargon, complex terms, and other words and expressions that can make your text difficult to understand. Admission committee members want to get to know you better instead of solving your personality as a puzzle.
  • Emphasize your strengths. By demonstrating your best qualities, you will be able to inform your reader how valuable you can be for an educational establishment or an organization. What is more, it will help them understand that you prefer to stay positive instead of focusing on problems and failures.

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