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Creating an Essay about a Drug Treatment Program

Such type of essay is usually written to convince that drug programs are introduced to positively influence drug addicts. The topic is very popular as of now since the number of drug addicts has been constantly increasing. Thus, numerous steps should be introduced in order to resolve the issue.

An essay about drug treatment programs is not an easy assignment. There are different types of treatment programs that vary depending upon the type of addiction and the one working on this kind of assignment should be aware of them all. Such essay usually presents information about various kinds of treatment, the causes of drug addiction, and the way it can be effectively treated.

Types of Drug Treatment Programs

  • Brief intervention - prevention program. Such kind of treatment is appropriate for so-called “patients at risk” only. Treatment of such a kind can be applied to those patients, for whom drug addiction has already transformed into a serious issue. Such a strategy comprises several visits to the drug addiction specialist, who would explain negative outcomes of using drugs while supporting his such claims with real life examples and facts.
  • Residential treatment – drug addicts are isolated from the society and live in a special facility until the completion of the program (usually, it takes no more than 90 days).
  • Counseling – another method of drug addiction treatment which requires a patient to understand the issue and have strong will to solve the problem. Many researchers consider that this type of treatment should be used along with one of other methods listed here. Such This type of program usually serves as a “follow-up” of another treatment type used. Usually counseling is very helpful to identify the key reasons of why patients began using drugs. Counseling is very important to refresh the relationships between drug addicts and their families, close people, and friends. Such kind of treatment is helpful to drug addicts allowing them to look at the life challenges at a different angle while gaining a new perspective at a new lifestyle. Counseling therapy can be achieved through group classes, family sessions, or individual visits.
  • Partial hospitalization presumes an isolation of drug addicts with necessary medical monitoring. Such kind of drug treatment can be seen in numerous hospitals. Usually these programs last up to five weeks, whereas the patient has to spend 24/7 in the hospital.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) does not require any hospitalization or isolation from the society, but requires strong will and commitment on behalf of an addict. Patients have to meet their advisors two or three times per week and spend several hours in discussions. Such treatment is required to avoid possible relapses.
  • Sober living – two drug addicts are advised to live together in a drug-free facility after an intensive treatment has took place. Such treatment is very effective if one used to live alone and was afraid of going back home to an empty apartment, which might cause a relapse.

Details about Drug Treatment Programs

Every program has its duration and measures of treatment. Usually the long-term addicts will have to spend more time when undergoing a treatment course. However, the main rule is to be confident and motivated to be cured of the addiction and believe that a program is bound to bring successful results.

If the patient is motivated to recover, then the program will be effective in one way or another. The patient should believe in himself /herself and visit the follow-up programs as well. Addicts should not only deal with drug abuse, but also with all consequences that come along with the addiction. People who were addicted to drugs should realize that physical and emotional suffering (that often cause relapses) is the part of the process and there is no other way around.

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