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Tips for Writing a Movie Critique

Like any other type of papers, movie critique has a specific structure and elements that need to be included. The following tips will help you make your writing more efficient.

  • Define the genre. Analyze the movie within the frame of that genre and state whether it corresponds to its criteria.
  • Evaluate the story. Examine the plot and its main elements, as well as the tools used by the director for storytelling. Is the plot logical and coherent? Is it engaging and fresh for the viewers? Address these questions.
  • Analyze the script. Were the dialogues thought through? Were the monologues persuasive and effective? 
  • Give your personal opinion. You do not need to stay neutral: in contrast, your feedback will be highly appreciated in a movie critique. Talk about what you liked about the film and what you think could be improved.
  • Illustrate your opinions with examples. Use the quotes from the movie or the lines from the script to help you give examples in your paper.

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