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When you are tasked to write a case analysis, your main objective is to conduct an investigation of a business issue, provide an examination of possible solutions, as well as using supporting evidence offer the most effective way to solve the described problem.

Case Preparation

Prior to writing, it is recommended to follow the below guidelines in order to understand and prepare the case:
Examine and read the case;
Make some short notes; relevant facts should be highlighted and main problems should be underlined clearly;
Concentrate on the analysis;
Two to five issues should be identified;
Why they happened?
How do the issues influence the company?
Who bears responsibility for the issues?
Define solutions or changes;
Course readings and discussions should be reviewed; conduct a research of outside sources;

Choose the most appropriate solution
Strong supporting proof should be considered; is it appropriate to choose this solution?
Draft the very case;

When one has collected the needed data, it is advised to draft the analysis, which has to contain the following:

  • Introduction section

Define major issues in the case;
Create a thesis statement. It has to summarize the analysis briefly.

  • Background information

The scene should be set: background, facts and major issues.
You have to show that the problems were properly researched.

  • Case Evaluation

Different case pieces should be assessed.
Discuss what works and what does not work.
Explain why some solutions do not work.
Offered ways to solve the issues.
Offered changes and solutions.
Specific solutions should be offered.
Discuss why you chose this solution.

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Solid evidence should support the solution:

  • Class concepts
  • Research from outside sources
  • Experience of the writer
  • Specific recommendations

Discuss and identify particular strategies that will help to accomplish the solution.
Provide recommendation for next action to resolve the detected problems.
What and who should act?

  • Finalizing the Study

Reread the draft in order define some gaps in structure or paper content:
Have you composed clear thesis statement?
Do you have solid proof?
Is anything missing?
Then edit and proofread the analysis.

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