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Importance of Speech Outline

If asked what makes a speech successful many professional writers as well as representatives of the audience would definitely say that they appreciate it when this task is well-organized. Proper organization and coherence of this type of assignment ensures clarity of ideas as well as overall comprehensiveness among the listeners. So, if you want to empower your speech and increase its chances to win attention of the target audience, our company's writers strongly recommend you to compose a speech outline before writing it and delivering it to the audience.

Specialists who are teaching public speaking believe in the power of proper speech organization that makes it more convincing. No wonder, therefore, that they strongly encourage students to write outlines. When one is working on an outline, he/ she needs to identify the main structural parts of the project, i.e. its elements or chapters. If you are not planning to compose a detailed outline, you should at least figure out the main ideas that you will convey. This approach will prevent you from leaving out some important topics of your task. So, wrapping up the importance of the outline, one needs to remember that it serves both as an organizational tool as well as a roadmap what ideas to deliver and in what order.

Types of Speech Outlines

1. Preparation outline. It can also be referred to as a rough outline, where you just indicate different speech components in any order you like. So, as it can be inferred from its name, this outline type aims at helping you prepare your project and mention all the important details. If you manage to organize your ideas in the proper order (priority or chronological), you will attain the needed organizational pattern. As a rule, a preparation outline merely serves to fulfill the preparatory purposes, so it should not necessarily include a lot of details and supporting arguments. It may look like a script for your project that is used on the writing stage.

2. Speaking outline. Unlike the aforementioned outline type, this outline is the one that you will use while delivering a paper. In its nature, it is more precise that the preparation outline. If you take a look at a speech outline example, you may notice that the ideas are put together in a succinct way. You may highlight some keywords, terms, and the basic concepts. It is also advisable to add supporting evidence and illustrative material. The words and phrases you add should use as hints or prompts for the ideas you are going to talk about. In other words, they should serve as reminders so that you do not lose the central thread of your speech.

Type of Speeches

When working on such type of assignment, you should be well versed in the principles of writing some basic types of speech. The main point of such speech is to convey a specific idea to the target audience. The categories of the basic speeches can be formed based on the core concepts:
1. Informative speech
2. Entertaining speech
3. Persuasive speech
4. Demonstrative speech
At times, it may be really hard to properly identify the boundaries of these types. However, regardless of their similarities, they have their striking differences and individual features.

Some of the other types of speeches may form variations or mixes of the basic types. Whereas the basic types are encountered in daily situations, the further types are more specific. Projects of this type of assignment are normally delivered on some special events:
1. Graduate speech
2. Debate speech
3. Motivational speech
4. Forensic speech
5. Impromptu speech
6. Special occasion speech
7. Oratorical speech

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