It is no secret that well-organized paragraphs are fundamentally important for developing a good essay. Fortunately, a great number of writing techniques are being described and explain to help students write engaging and coherent paragraphs. We also have decided to share one simple technique how you can produce a five sentence paragraph without extra efforts. The article provided below is all about developing effective paragraphs so if you think you need that skill then you are in the right place.


Students are required to write different essays, research papers and other academic works throughout the course of study. But all of the papers mentioned above consist of paragraphs that are like building blocks for big houses. Without well-organized and properly placed building blocks no house will stand to exist very long (just like an essay without coherent paragraphs will ever bring a good grade to its writer). 

The Ways of Writing Logical Paragraphs

Every student can find a lot of information about various writing techniques describing the process of developing paragraphs in a proper manner. These techniques can considerably help any students or those undertaking a writing project of any level. The main principle of producing a successful essay (or pretty much any other text) is based on applying logic when writing. It means that each paragraph in an essay should consist of the sentences related to a certain idea. Thus, all sentences have to be logically connected. This way, a paragraph should be divided into three parts, namely the focus sentence, sentences that present supporting facts, and a conclusion.

  • The goal of the focus sentence is to present the key idea discussed in the given paragraph. It should be both interesting and easily understandable for the readers. More than that, you are advised to avoid using unnecessary details when writing a focus sentence.

  • The purpose of placing the sentences that present facts into a paragraph is to support and prove the credibility of the focus sentence. These facts significantly help the readers follow the flow of the paper by creating a clear essay structure. The supporting facts are also known as RENNS (reasons, examples, names, numbers and senses).

  • The aim of the conclusion is to emphasize the focus sentence that is basically reworded in the conclusion part of the paragraph. A concluding sentence is to be written at the end of each paragraph and should not be very lengthy. This sentence needs to have some connection with the following sentence, thus maintaining coherence between paragraphs.

Tips for Composing Good Paragraphs

To write a five-star essay to get a high grade students are required to research the chosen topic thoroughly. Here are the recommended steps to take for developing good paragraphs and, eventually, the essay.

  • Collect information related to the topic, define the main ideas and organize them in an outline. Always remember the reason for writing each paragraph. What is the main issue? What thoughts and/or facts are you going to present? When writing a paragraph, you should remember the goals you want to achieve.

  • Outline the key idea that will be covered in the paragraph. This idea should be taken as the basis for your focus sentence. In fact, the focus sentence should:

- be clear;

- present a statement that has to be proved;

- have a tight connection with the following sentences that support the general subject with specific facts.

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Then make sure that your thoughts are in line with the topic you have chosen. Remember that all sentences need to be completely logical. There should be 100% coherence between all the paragraphs in the academic essay in order for readers to follow the flow of your text easily.

  • Find facts to include into your paragraph to actively support your idea. You should apply critical thinking when selecting the facts because all of them have to be closely related to the topic of your essay. The main goal of these facts is to accurately and effectively present the subject of the paragraph. Do not state the facts that are off topic even if they sound fascinating. Do not confuse the audience.

  • Come up with a logical and reasonable conclusion. You are not allowed to present new facts or information in this part of the essay. Consequently, the concluding sentence should be a re-statement of the focus sentence. Apply a paraphrasing technique using various synonyms to reword your focus sentence in a concluding part of the paragraph.

  • Structure a paragraph in accordance with the given pattern: the focus sentence, sentences that present facts, and a reasonable concluding sentence.

  • Make sure that all your facts are logically arranged within a paragraph. There should not be any information that can potentially distract a reader. The readers should be able to easily follow the flow of your thoughts.

  • Dedicate some time to careful proofreading. It will allow you to identify grammar mistakes and spelling flaws. It is very important to ensure that there is strong connection between the sentences and paragraphs of the entire text.

When all of this work is done, take some rest. Clear your mind. After that, reread every paragraph once again. If there is no difficulty in following the presented thoughts and ideas, then you have not wasted your time in vain and managed to deliver the main body of your essay. Now, it is high time to move on and write a good introduction and conclusion. Keep in mind that it is important to include a thesis statement in the introductory and concluding paragraphs of your essay.