Affiliate Program Instructions

Introduce your friends to our company and we will give you 10% of any purchases they make. Furthermore, we will give the people you bring to us a first-time discount when they order through our website!

If you want to earn money from our affiliate program, there are a couple of things you need to do. First you need to be a customer of our website, which means ordering one of our products or services. Once you do this, an account will be created for you. Within your account there will be a promotional code or link for referring other people, which you can share by messaging, email, or through one of the social networking platforms. Once the recipients use the code or link they receive from you, the system will register that fact.

The following describes how the people you refer get their “first order” discount. Clicking the referral link or using the promo code received from you will take the person to an order form where their discount entitlement will automatically come into force. It is as simple as that!

As soon as any person you refer to us completes and pays for their order, we will give you a 10% share of that transaction. You can then use your earnings in any way you choose. For example, use them to pay for a new order with or withdraw your money! If you choose the latter option, we can send your money to you by Wire Transfer.

It really is as easy as all that! You just need to share a link or special code with people you know. If they choose to use these, they benefit from a “first order” discount and you get 10% of the amount they pay for that order. You and your friends just cannot lose!