Talk shows and interviews dominate daytime television. Many people look forward to funny interview questions and guests in these shows. Guests and hosts rehearse for interviews to ensure that they are engaging, informative, and entertaining. However, sometimes interviews do not go as planned. Even the most serious interviews end up being the funniest interviews we have ever watched on television. Some guests end up revealing their deepest secrets.


How can such a serious thing be so funny?

Have you ever watched a news interview about a tragedy and laughed? Some hosts know how to turn the worst of situations into funny stories. Guests appear on television shows having rehearsed their stories. Celebrities appear on TV to explain their broken relationships or marriages. However, professional interviewers like Howard Stern turn sad stories around and end result is often hilarious. We love to share job interview jokes. Serious job interviews become funny when interviewers ask hilarious interview questions that come as a bolt from the blue for candidates.

Sometimes guests surprise hosts. For instance, a TV station in Oklahoma interviewed a woman who had just been evacuated from her burning house. Her neighbor came to alert about the fire in the building while she was making breakfast for her three children, who were also staying in the house at that time. The audience expects such an interview to be sad and emotional. However, the woman uses such a funny language to tell her story that the audience laughs instead of worrying about her safety.

Howard Stern and His funny interviews

Howard Stern is one of the interviewers keeping Americans glued to their TV sets for decades. He has hosted hundreds of television and radio interviews over the course of his career. However, Stern has a way of making his guests reveal their darkest secrets on live television without realizing it. He turns the saddest stories into crazy stories. He can make fun of his guests with hilarious interview questions without offending them.

Howard Stern has hosted many celebrities including Joan Rivers, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Chris Rock, Billy Joel, and Rodney Dangerfield among others. One of the most interesting interviews of all times was an interview with David Arquette. The celebrity was talking about his failing marriage when his wife showed up on the show announced. Howard Stern's experience and expertise in telling crazy stories on TV and radio made him a self-proclaimed “King of all media”.

Most Funny interviews

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield interviewing Miriam Margolyes

Interviewing a comedian is funny and scary at the same time. The host cannot predict the jokes the comedians can make about their own shows or personalities. In the interview with Miriam Margolyes it seemed like Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were interviewing a comedian. Miriam, the Harry Porter actress, kept the two hosts giggling throughout the show. Her comments about comedy and her acting career made the morning show even funnier. Miriam answered the interview questions without paying much attention to the hosts. Holly and Phillip admitted after the show that this interview was one of the funniest moments they had on their morning show.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in The Internship

Job interviews can be dramatic when interviewers ask hilarious questions or candidates give unexpected answers. Job interview jokes revolve around unprepared and nervous candidates. Google is popular for asking funny interview questions. The applicants cannot not predict the brainteasers. The movie The Internship mimics Google’s funny interviews. Two men, Vince and Owen, are asked hilarious questions when applying for the internship at the company. The interviewers wonder what Vince and Owen would do if they became as little as nickels and were placed in a blender. The two candidates end up giving a full lecture of how the world would be a better place if all people were the size of nickels.