George Michael, an English songwriter, singer and record producer has died in the age of 53 over the Christmas period in 2016. Most people know him by his single «Last Christmas» as well as «Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go» song. George Michael's death came as a big shock to the public that used to enjoy his aforementioned singles and such albums as «Faith» released in 1987 and «Listen Without Prejudice» that went out in 1990. Having sold over 100 million records and having been recognized as one of the best-selling UK acts of all time, George Michael's death is a huge loss for people who grew up listening to his hits.


George Michael's Life and Death

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (commonly known as George Michael) was born in North London (UK) in the family of a dancer and restaurateur. The very first time he felt real popularity was when with his friend Andrew Rigley he created the pop group called «Wham!». Surprisingly for many, their first album titled «Fantastic» hit the number one spot in the UK. Success came really fast to George Michael in his early career. The group didn't exist a very long time though — five more years, a fruitful period that brought four top notch singles and two great albums. Most of the songs released during this time made it to the top three. Also, George Michael helped with one Band Aid single («Do They Know It's Christmas») as well as created 2 solo hits («Careless Whisper» and «A Different Corner»).

After «Wham!», George Michael shifted gears to a solo artist career which turned out to be a huge success for him. The very first his album («Faith») released in 1987 became an instant triumph within and even beyond the UK. It fact, the album was so popular that it was certified Diamond. The career of George Michael has brought 8 top rated albums and 13 top rated singles within the UK. His fame went far beyond the UK landing him awards in the USA (2 top rated albums and 10 top rated singles). George Michael performed with Queen, Aretha Franklin, Elton John and other actively participating in charitable events. Throughout his life, he donated over 5 million pounds to charity. About 8 years ago George released his «December Song» with a download for free feature in hopes to stimulate charity giving. So it is not only George Michael's songs that define him as a person; it is the way he approached life.

George Michael has passed away in the age of 53. His death prompted public grief as well as stories about his generosity. With an outpouring of distress and affection, his fans have been cherishing the moments of fame of the star. «Why did George Michael die?» is a hard question to answer. Local police confirmed the death was unexpected rather than suspicious. Cardiac arrest is considered the cause of death as Michael Lippman, the singer’s manager, informed the public. His death stunned many people, including his fellow musicians and fans who claimed there were no visible causes for concern in regards to Michael's health and well-being.

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