Marvel heroes characters

Each year, Marvel heroes become more and more popular. We read comics, watch movies, cartoons, and TV-shows about Marvel characters. One of the popular franchises is based on Doctor Strange comics.


What is the story behind?

Recently, the trailer to the Doctor Strange movie has been released, and it left no fans indifferent. Mostly because there are too many things that raise questions. That is why we decided to answer some of them in this article.

Doctor’s story starts as every regular story – a young man decides to become a neurosurgeon. What can be strange about it, right? But it happens so that he loses all of his family due to different causes. And here it begins – Doctor Strange thinks it is a good idea to keep the body of his dead brother in case he achieves such a success in the science that he will be able to revive dead.

Car crash

Later, he ends up in an accident himself with the injuries so severe that there is no even the slightest chance he can continue the career of a surgeon. Yet, he doesn’t give up but decides to pay a visit to someone called The Ancient One hoping that magic will heal his injured hands.

The Ancient One

The Ancient One is not a simple magician or anything of the kind – it is indeed an ancient creature who has been on Earth for hundreds of years, and now the time has come to give its place to someone else. That someone else is Doctor himself. However, he is not really willing to take up the Ancient’s place, while his request to be healed is declined. Due to a curious turn of events, Strange becomes the wanted apprentice.

The cost of immortality

Doctor Strange possesses lots of different powers, magical and not. He also has a few different magical items which allow him to dive into different spheres of human life. On the top of that, he is immortal but can be killed like a regular human, which is hard to understand.

Of course, like in any other Marvel story, there is a villain who wants to take over the world. And most likely, Doctor Strange will have to save us as it has been done before by his comrades from Marvel. To sum everything up, Doctor Strange is quite different from everything we have seen before. That is why, if you appreciate comics, you have to watch it!