If you know someone who has never heard, watched or played Angry Birds, you should definitely place his/her in a museum because it seems that everybody in this country has come into some kind of contact with this brand. It wasn’t that massive as it is today and we are going to share the entire story how it all developed into the so-called Angry Birds mania.


Angry Birds Era: The Beginning

It all started from 3 guys creating a company that was in the business of making games in 2003. Having almost gone broke in 2009, they decided to take less contracts in order to free up some time for internal projects. Among sketched proposed ideas coming from the team, there was one screenshot of an angry bird character trudging around on the ground. This was something everybody liked and they decided to develop a game concept for the character. As a result, the game was released by Rovio Entertainment in the end of 2009. It became clear quite quickly that Angry Birds game would be different from other Rovio games by gaining popularity right away. It is hard to say who invented Angry Birds because it was more about teamwork rather than just one name; at least that’s what Mikel Hed, CEO of Rovio Entertainment, used to say.

Angry Birds games were not completely something new though. The inspiration to create this hit came from other games so with confidence we can claim that it has a mixture of other games in it. Nevertheless, Angry Birds games utilize simple yet addicting concepts which make them one of the most popular online games out there. The reason how they quickly gained such popularity among users is that the game is easy to learn and hard to master at the same time. As Mikael Hed said, “the game itself is simple, but it still has some depth”. That makes it fun to play as people always want to return to it and play over and over again.

Basically, players are to launch birds at pigs stationed in various structures using a slingshot in order to destroy all the pigs on the field. As users advance through the game, there are new types of birds available. Some of the birds even have special abilities that can be activated by the player. The game is being praised for its addictive gameplay in combination with a comical style and low price. With over 2 billion of downloads across all platforms the game has become a hit and expanded into a brand.

Angry Birds Era: The Expansion

Today people come across angry bird pictures everywhere. They can see it on the screens of their smartphones or TVs, in the downtown on huge big boards, etc. When the game was released it seemed that pictures of angry birds were nearly everywhere. But everybody thought it was about to end soon. Well, not quite. Even though there are way more other addicting games, Angry Birds characters are still popular because the entire thing has become more than just an iPhone game.

There have been a bunch of toys made from the characters of the famous game; Angry Birds plush versions used to be very popular among the children of all ages. But the entire thing was in no way limited to toys only. Rovio also released a cookbook using the bad piggies theme. T-shirts, food product adaptations were among those things bad piggies were most commonly used. Amusement parks have also used the characters of the popular Angry Birds online game.

2016 has become a proof that Angry Birds haven’t become a history yet. Directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly, Sony Pictures Imageworks animated action-adventure comedy titled the Angry Birds Movie. The film has grossed over $340 million receiving mixed reviews from the critics. But the very fact that the angry birds video game has turned into something so big is quite astonishing. This is one of the best recognitions game developers could have dreamt of. And who knows maybe we’ll witness a series of angry birds movies in the years to come…

The Game is Still Available Today

Having read this, you might want to download the game and play it which is something you can easily do as the game is still available. Today though, one has much more options available than what people had 6 years ago. There are many Angry Birds free games to play. There are also games like Angry Birds although they may have a different title and a little bit different gameplay. As you can see, the brand has been successfully expanding with time and even after 6+ years we all can enjoy the exciting products the programmers of the game have to offer to the public. There are even angry birds games for kids, including angry birds for pc – something busy mothers and fathers love to utilize when they need to keep their kids entertained for a while. In other words, the game has become a part of different aspects of our lives making it more fun and entertaining.

Angry Birds names may not sound that often from the lips of adults but they still do from the lips of many children across the United States of America. Small ones adore the angry birds cartoon asking their parents to play it one more time… But as we could see, this isn’t just for the kids. Adults find the game quite entertaining too. If you have never tried or simply haven’t played it for a while, you can easily download free Angry Birds app and enjoy destroying the bad piggies one more time.