Harvey Milk Day is celebrated on 22nd of May in a memory of gay rights activist Harvey Milk that was assassinated in 1978. The celebration is held by Harvey Milk Foundation that works with an aim to raise public awareness about the LGBT rights, youth, and Harvey Milk’s personal story. Although legislatively accepted only in California, Harvey Milk Day is celebrated in many states across the US pointing to the significance of the equal rights and condemnation of discrimination.


Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man in the US who was elected to public office in the country as a member of San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Harvey Milk won his seat in the Board of Supervisors in eighties, almost a half of the century ago. He organized the campaigns that protected rights of lesbians, gays, transsexuals and other sexual minorities. Milk was responsible for passing ordinances that protected gay rights and condemned gay discrimination in the City of San Francisco. His bright career ended tragically when he was assassinated after only one year of his active work. The Harvey Milk Day is the voice of the activist who was not afraid to speak aloud about the significant societal issues.

The holiday became the public holiday in California after the second legislative try in 2009 when the governor A. Schwarzenegger signed the Bill. This was the first step towards the big changes in the legislative issues on LGBT topic. In June 2015, the marriage equality was ruled in all 50 states by the Supreme Court. Thus, the continuation of Harvey Milk’s work finds reflection today.

The Harvey Milk Day is celebrated in California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and other states. The celebration events are organized by local LGBT communities and promoted in public schools. The celebration has mostly educational context. The activists try to educate youth about the LGBT discrimination issues, their rights, and the societal role.

Harvey Milk Day is celebrated on 22nd of May, the birthday of gay activist Harvey Milk. The holiday aims educational purposes and raises awareness about the LGBT youth, their rights, and discrimination. Modern attitude towards LGBT in the US confirms that the efforts of Harvey Milk found approval today.