Purple Rain


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The Singer's Prince Life story

We have never seen so many purple-colored showcases, advertisements, flowers, toys, bridges, and buildings till the last week in the US. The AMC theaters screened the Purple Rain, the most popular film and album of the singer Prince, for the entire week. “Prince” was the top-searched inquiry in Google search and appeared in millions of posts in Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms. All these events were held in the memory of the famous American musical innovatorPrince Rogers Nelson who was found dead at his home on the 21st of April. The death of the prominent personality evoked massive memorial events and actions, held by the fans of the star and his former colleagues. It is interesting to look back at the milestones of the artistic career of Prince and find out what life experiences made him so popular and memorable.

Prince was born in 1958 in Minneapolis in the family of African American musicians. The name Prince was given to a boy by his father, who performed in a band “Prince Rogers Trio”. Parents wanted him to become a musician and made efforts to raise the musical interest and talent in the young Prince. After the divorce of the parents, Prince had to move back and forth from his father to his mother. Because of the poor relationships with his step-father, Prince ran away from home and was adopted by the Anderson’s family. He made friends with their son Andre Anderson, and created a band called “Grand Central”. This was the first Prince’s musical experience. They performed in clubs, local scenes and were a pretty successful live band. At the age of eighteen, Prince managed to partner with Chris Moon for several demo tracks. The partnership gave him a chance to the breakthrough – he signed a contract with prestigious Warner Brothers Records. The first recorded album was “For You” in 1978. It was not the going success, but he reached the 163 ranking on the U.S. Pop Charts which, in fact, was a good start for the young beginner. The next releases were more successful. His songs “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" and “I Wanna Be Your Lover” became the hits. The art of Prince was controversial and provoking.

The next breakthrough of the singer was the single “1999” which was noticed by MTV and brought mainstream popularity to Prince. During this period, he created a new band “The Revolution” and released two popular singles “Little Red Corvette” and “Delirious”. Another single of that time “International Lover” brought Grammy Award to Prince. In addition to his success as a singer, Prince had a wish to star in a big motion picture. This wish culminated in one of the most favorite artistic achievements of Prince – the film “Purple Rain” (1984). Many of his singles had rich sexual context that led to creation of a censorship organization “Parents Music Resource Center”. However, Prince continued his art with the songs “Parade”, “Around The World In A Day”, “Love Sexy”, and “Batman”.

Another notable work of Prince was a film “Graffiti Bridge” (1990). It is a sequel to the Purple Rain, where Prince plays a role of a kid. The movie is accompanied by a soundtrack album of the same name. However, while the Purple Rain is among the most successful accomplishments of Prince, “Graffiti Bridge” is the biggest failure of the producer. The film was nominated for five Golden Raspberry Awards, including the awards for the Worst Actor (Prince) and the Worst Producer (Prince).

In 1992, Prince releases the famous 12th album “Love Symbol Album” with the newly created band “The New Power Generation”. In 1993, Warner Bros releases two albums that contain a compilation of Prince’s hits. The names of the discs are Hit1 and Hit2. In response to this event, Prince changed his name to unreadable sign, which was a combination of female and male signs. Since that time, Prince was known as the Artist without any name. The sign is known as the love sign. After a series of unsuccessful releases, Prince pushed his famous “The Gold Experience” album with the popular song “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”. The next album, “Chaos and Disorder” (1996), was a failure. 1996 was a significant year for Prince, who ended his relationships with Warner Bros. Since that time, he was free to release and publish whatever he wanted through his NPG label. “Emancipation”, “Crystal Ball”, “Newspower Soul” “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic” were the most notable works of Prince of that time.

In 2000, Prince gave up using the love sign and appeared under his normal name. In 2004, he released a successful album “Musicology” and held the Musicology-tour. That year, Rolling Stone magazine named Prince as the highest-earning musician in the world, valuing his annual income at $56.5 million and ranked him #27 in the list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. He received numerous awards, performed on the best scenes of the world and was one of the most influential people of the century. Needless to say that in addition to the natural talent, Prince was a hard worker, who earned his fame and millions through sweat and hard labor.

Prince is a legend. His achievements impress by the number of successful hits, variety of spheres in which Prince worked and by the never-give-up nature of his character. Prince was born to be a musician, and he fulfilled his way by enormous hard work and exceptional talent. No wonder why the entire US went purple after the death of this legendary person – musician, producer, actor, singer, and hard worker.

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