What is a synopsis? It is a brief linear presentation of the concept of a film script (plot of a book), its content, and the essence of dramatic conflict devised in a fascinating form. This is the synopsis definition. It has a plot, turning points, a climax, and a denouement.


In contrast to the annotation, the script structure of the film is well seen in the synopsis. Despite this fact, the author also does not need all the details, and the reader (without losing interest) must want to see the story on the screen. According to another synopsis definition, it is a consistent story that introduces the characters, plot development, and denouement. This is a separate literary work with its drama, language, jokes, etc. Here are the key questions answered by the synopsis:
• What is this story about?
• Who are the main characters?
• What are they striving for and why?

Synopsis Size

The volume of the synopsis can vary significantly from one paragraph to several pages. It is important to understand the task and the target audience here. As a rule, if you are going to present the work to all potentially interested people, then it is better to write a 6-8-sentence text. When a synopsis is written for an interested person who is ready to spend time on several pages of your text, then an idea about a brief retelling can be rejected. An extended synopsis is appropriate here. If this or that turn of events seems illogical in isolation from the film (the novel) itself, it is better to modify it.

Tips for Writing a Synopsis of the Book or Film

Concentrate on the trumps of the novel (or film). You can describe amazing facts, unexpected conclusions, or curious scenery. It should be clear what the unique feature of the book is. Show that your characters are outstanding. Highlight their admirable and appealing traits.
If you count on press reviews, write two versions of the synopsis: for publishers and journalists. Publishers love things that are interesting for readers, i.e., love, adventure, humor, and scandal. Many journalists consider themselves literary snobs, so they need details, philosophy, history, etc. In each case, the emphasis should be placed differently. Here are some more important tips:
• write in the present tense;
• avoid specialized expressions, professionalisms;
• describe only the main plot,
• present not only the events of the script but also the motives for the actions of the characters.

Synopsis Examples

Daniel is a newcomer in one of the schools in Los Angeles. He arrived from the East Coast with his mother. It is not easy to make friends in a new place where you do not know anyone. A cruel band is running in the school. Despite their young age, gang members are very dangerous. They call themselves Cobras and "sting" everyone who is not pleasing to them. Daniel gets into the lists of enemies after he meets and makes friendly relations with the former girl of the Cobra leader. Cobras are beating a novice. Daniel wants revenge and at the same time wants to impress his new girlfriend. He asks the master of martial arts Miyagi for help.

Read this text describing the book to understand the synopsis meaning.
At the age of eleven, Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard and goes to study at the school of magic, where he is told about how he defeated the main villain and got a noticeable scar. At the end of the book, Harry defeats the miscreant again. The boy is going to continue his studies, and finally get rid of the villain.

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