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Types of Questionnaires

Depending on the nature of the questions included in a questionnaire, it can be quantitative or qualitative. As such, the answers obtained through the closed-ended questions with multiple-choice answer options are usually analyzed using quantitative methods that include percentages, bar-charts, and pie charts. When it comes to analyzing the answers obtained through open-ended questions, they are often analyzed using qualitative methods since they involve critical analyses and discussions without using calculations and numbers. As for the common length of the questionnaire, a standard 50-page dissertation will require writing 25-40 questions. These questions should be formulated in a straightforward and unbiased manner. Besides, they should be provided in a logical order.

You should know that a questionnaire is a very helpful instrument for data collection since it is flexible, affordable, and fast. Besides, this method assumes a high level of objectivity, which is very good for collecting accurate data. At the same time, there are some disadvantages that should be mentioned as well. For instance, the respondents may be not honest, responsible, or attentive enough to give accurate answers.

You should know that there are several types of questionnaires. Below, you will find detailed descriptions of some of them:

  • Computer questionnaire. Such a questionnaire is sent to respondents by e-mail. As for the main advantages of a computer questionnaire, one should mention the low cost, time-efficiency, and high accuracy. Since the respondents are not pressed with time, they can give maximally accurate answers. At the same time, the respondents may just ignore a computer questionnaire, which is obviously its disadvantage;
  • Telephone questionnaire. Such a questionnaire assumes that the researcher will call to respondents in order to collect the necessary data. The main advantage of such type is that it can be completed within a short period of time. However, this type is pretty expensive, which can be considered as its main disadvantage. Besides, people usually do not feel comfortable when they need to answer the questions through the phone;
  • In-house survey. This type of questionnaire requires visiting respondents in order to obtain the necessary data for your study. Of course, the fact that you can get answers directly from the respondents is the obvious advantage of this type, however, this type is very time-consuming and expensive compared to the previous two. Besides, the respondents may not want to have the researchers in their houses or workplaces.

No matter what type of questionnaire you will choose for obtaining data, it will need to include the following questions:

  • Multiple choice questions. These questions provide respondents with different options to choose from. Pay attention that if there are too many options to choose from, it can make your questionnaire sound boring and confusing;
  • Open-ended questions. These questions require detailed answers helping the researcher understand what the respondent is thinking about a particular issue;
  • Scaling questions. Such questions allow the respondents to rank the available answers on the scale of the given range of values;

Dichotomous questions. Such questions assume giving only yes or no answers. It is the easiest way to obtain the necessary information.

If you are willing to succeed in making a questionnaire, you should know about a Survey Monkey program that is one of the most popular platforms that may facilitate obtaining data from respondents. This program is pretty easy-to-use since it includes multiple efficient features.

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How to Write a Questionnaire?

Below, you will find the main steps that will help you create a good-looking questionnaire:

  • Carry out preliminary research before you start working on your assignment;
  • Keep your questionnaire maximally brief if it is possible;
  • Use simple design;
  • Write your questions in clear language. Make sure not to include terms that may be unknown to your reader;
  • Make the order of your questions logical;
  • Always consider the needs of your target audience;
  • Do not forget to proofread your paper.

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