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It is advised that before giving answers to any questions, you should look through all of the questions indicated on the test and consider which ones may be easy for you to reply and which may take extra time. Manage your time accordingly; allow some time for editing and proofreading. Start with the questions that seem the easiest to you. The following procedure allows reducing anxiety and nervousness since you will successfully have completed the answers over which you feel best confident. You should read each question very slowly, underline key words or phrases and ensure you realize what you are asked. While you read every question, take notes on any ideas coming to your mind. Number your ideas in the order that you are going to present them on paper, discriminating between supporting and leading issues. State key points in your first sentences so that your professor will be capable of seeing this part clearly. Apply clear statements that answer the question directly. Keep to your outline by making leading points or arguments that are supported with concrete and specific details or relevant and vivid examples. Always try to provide clear answers.

Leave extra space for any additions to the answer of yours by writing on each other line or on one of the sides of every page. Always manage your time wisely. Partially giving answers to all the questions set is better than simply leaving some of them blank, thus resulting in bad score or mark. If you see that the time allocated on one question is over, start focusing on the other one. In case you do not know a lot of the question, brainstorm on it for a few minutes. Recall some pages from your manuals, books, lectures, or class discussions to rack your memory concerning some ideas that are relevant to the set question. Take notes on each idea down as coherently as only possible. In case you are not capable of thinking of any relevant ideas, it is recommended to redirect your attention towards the other question and refer to the complicated one a bit later. Try not to lose your time and provide as many answers to the questions set as only possible.

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