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How to Make Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions are used as a part of college or university entrance exams, as well as classroom tests. In general, all tasks of such a kind are designed based on the same principle; therefore, if you master some basic test-taking strategies, you will understand how to make multiple choice questions and how to answer them. As a result, you will have a better chance to succeed.

  • Read the question carefully.
  • Think about possible answers.
  • Refine away all wrong or highly-doubtful answers.
  • Follow a step-by-step elimination process.
  • Decide which answer might be right.
  • Now, read the proposed answers.
  • If your answer is among the proposed, it might be the right one.
  • First, answer the questions that you know
  • If you do not know the answer, make a guess based on the knowledge you have.
  • In most cases, the first choice is the best choice. Nevertheless, exceptions are possible.
  • Out of all answers, at least one will be obviously wrong. Eliminate it first
  • As a rule, two answers will be seemingly correct, and you will have to choose.
  • If you do not know the right answer, choose the positive option.
  • The more data you have, the better.

The Multiple Choice Format

If you need to use multiple choice questions as a part of a survey for your research work, you should know the format to follow.

  • Matrix questions

At times, you will need your respondents to choose their answers to several questions from the same options. In this case, you should better use a matrix. With this format, you can simplify the content; however, be careful not to make the matrix burdensome. Note that using matrices on mobile devices might be quite challenging, as well. Remember, respondents usually ignore surveys that are confusing or difficult to understand. As a result, completion rates will be low and you will not be able to gather enough data for credible research.
If you see that the matrix is too long and it requires respondents to scroll but and ben all the time, make the question shorter or give fewer answer options.

  • Dropdown questions

It is another multiple choice format, in which respondents will have a dropdown answer list under each question to choose from.
If you want your respondents to choose one out of many short answers, dropdown questions are just for you. It best works with standard population questions, for example, age, home state, gender, etc.
It is always better to provide a reasonable number of possible answers so that the respondent can see the context at once and choose the desirable answer knowingly.

  • Ranking questions

In some cases, you will need your respondents to rank offered answers based on their opinions. Analyzing such answers is much more difficult and will provide only a general idea of individual preferences.

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