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What Is Grant Writing? The Essentials

It is worthwhile noting that grant proposal writing is defined as the practice of composing the process of application for a financial grant that could be provided by any institution, organization, governmental department, foundation, trust, or corporation. Such an application process is often referred to as either a grant submission or a grant proposal. Successful grant preparation requires a very clear comprehension of grantsmanship. While the fundamentals and principles of grantsmanship are broadly applied, it is important to be well aware of the key aim and to be capable of tuning the language accordingly. Understanding the process of creation of a grant proposal is an essential part of the success in preparing a grant proposal. The key elements of the grant proposal preparation process comprise:

  • Analysis of the intended audiences for paper;
  • Analysis of the paper purpose;
  • Collection of info on the paper subject;
  • Choice of the suitable type of a paper;
  • Completion of the paper;
  • Formatting of the paper;
  • Revision, editing, and proofreading of the paper;
  • Submission of the paper.

Useful Grant Writing Tips

As grant proposal writing is not regarded as an exact science, some specific steps should be taken in order to increase the chances of any organization to receive some funds. Here are a few practical tips that could make your grant application successful:

1. Clearly indicate the grand’s needs.
2. Differentiate your proposal and yourself.
3. Focus on a certain project with the grant proposal of yours.
4. Exclude terms, jargon or slangy words from your grant proposal.
5. Try to be an excellent storyteller.
6. Make specific emphasis on solutions than problematic issues when working on your grant proposal application.
7. Indicate a real budget of your project.
8. Refer to objective and sophisticated reviewers.
9. Avoid procrastinating.
10. Pay specific attention to each detail.
11. Avoid sending unnecessary or useless attachments.

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Useful Information about the Grant Proposal Format

Take into account that an accordingly formatted grand proposal will also be simpler for the reviewers to read and comprehend.

What format type does an average grant proposal take? To tell the truth, there are no specific formatting styles for such pieces of writing, APA, Harvard, MLA, or any other. The key thing is to keep to the structure mentioned in the previous sections. Moreover, it is recommended to use the 12 Times New Roman font and spacing should be double. You can also choose a font size that is very easy to comprehend and follow it throughout the whole document.

Below are some formatting tips that could be applied to make your grand proposal look excellent.
1. Create or follow a specific template
You are capable of creating templates for each piece of your grand proposal including the following:
the cover letter (headers, font, font size, footers, outline, etc.)
cover page (default text, font, graphic application)
body of the grand proposal (headings, sub-headings, page numbering footer, header, font, font size);
annexes (company’s charts, page numbering, CVs, etc);
budget and some notes on it (cover page, table of contents, headings, subheadings, etc.).
2. Utilize White Space only
3. Limit the application of various colors in your proposal;
4. Select a Standard Font;
5. Include Graphics;
6. Apply Bulleted Lists

Preparing grand proposals that are very engaging, creative and easy to read usually requires best-written content, effective and original graphics, logical transitions between sections, and needed formatting. In case you face any of the above-mentioned issues, you can always ask for our professional and exquisite grant proposal writing help and support.

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