If you start searching for a custom writing service, you will not find any new information about such companies. As a rule, all of them provide more or less the same services: essay, research paper, report and review writings, and others. However, where to look for if you need some more sophisticated writing types, such as poems? There are not many companies that can eagerly provide you with custom poems. Some of the writing agencies do not have poetry on the list of available services, the others provide poems at exorbitant prices, etc. However, if you are reading this article right now, you are lucky enough to have come to a company that can help you with different types of poems at reasonable prices. EssayWritingStore.com has a team of experienced and talented writers who will be more than happy to provide you with a poem assignment.


Why We Offer Poem Writing Help

Poem writing service is totally not the kind of service that all students are consulting on a daily basis. Poems are most often assigned to students majoring in literature and liberal arts. In the majority of cases, students are more bothered about successful completion of different essay types, analytic and critical writing, research paper writing, and other similar academic paper types. Normally, companies specialize in specifically these writing types. However, when you are looking for some inspirational and creative writing, you may encounter a problem since it may be hard to find a reputable and trustworthy service providing custom poems. EssayWritingStore.com has a team of writers who provide custom written poems as they are well-versed in a plethora of poetry writing styles. You can address us for help regardless of the poetry topic or task. Whether it is a love poem, a short poem, a lyric poem or a blank verse, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Some of the widespread students' reactions after they have received a poetry assignment is to get dumbstruck or start laughing out loud. In any case, each of these reactions mainly relates to a student’s inability to prepare a successful poem or even understand properly what is needed to be done. Many students consider writing poetry as the most challenging writing process that demands some special talent, creativity or some peculiar skills. Whereas nowadays, a poem writing paper is a rare assignment, in the ancient times, each student had to deal with it as it was a typical task to write poems.

Poetry writing process helps students to develop their creativity and thinking skills. Besides, with the help of poem writing, students can gain better understanding of some specific vocabulary and poem style on the whole. The most complicated thing about poetry assignments is that students lack time for it. As a rule, it is a rather time-consuming process, especially if a student lacks experience in it. So, no matter whether you are working on short poems or some specific poetry types, you may lack not only creativity and inspiration but some specific skills. In such cases, do not hesitate and find poets for hire with EssayWritingStore.com. If you are looking for some professional and experienced poets, be sure that our reliable company is the best place where you can find dedicated and talented writers willing to complete custom poems for you.

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When you start looking for a custom writing agency that could help you with the “write me a poem” request, you will definitely pay attention to the variety of search results available. When picking the most suitable service, you need to consider the company’s reputation and reliability. EssayWritingStore.com can be definitely recommended as the most trustworthy company on the market that provides best short poems and other poetry types and a variety of academic writing types. We realize that it is not easy for a student to pick the best custom writing company, but what you should consider is such criteria as timely delivery and original content. According to EssayWritingStore.com policy, we also have a money-refund guarantee, according to which clients are protected from poor-quality writing. As such, when one finds out that some requirements were not properly covered or that the paper was delivered after the deadline, he/ she can apply for money reimbursement. We strongly value our customers and we want each of them to be satisfied with the services we provide.

Another reason why you should ask us to help write a poem is the professionalism of our writers’ team. We hire only qualified and professional poetry writers who are well educated as well as capable of providing original content. A great asset of our writers’ team is that they can cope with a poetry assignment of any complexity, style or topic. Our writers can create a poem online regardless of the academic complexity level.

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How to Make a Poem?

If you are wondering about how to write a good poem, the information presented below will greatly help you find a way out. When it comes to a poetry assignment, it mainly deals with the process of observation: you may observe some people around you, some events, or even the world in general. You may write a poem on virtually any topic: you may describe a sunny day on a farm; a dog is running to its master, and so on. For students who do not consider themselves to be creative and talented, creating poems can be a daunting challenge. However, if you gain proper inspiration, you will be able to write a poem that will meet your professor’s requirements and that you would gladly share with your friends or classmates.

Part 1: Starting the poem

1. Practice some writing exercises.
2. Draw inspiration from the environment you find yourself in.
3. Come up with a specific topic for your task.
4. Select a poetry form.
5. Find examples of poems depending on the poetry form, style, and type you have chosen.

Part 2: How to create a poem

1. Use specific imagery. When using imagery, try to sound more concrete rather than abstract. When describing people, experiences, events or things, do it in detail. Appeal to senses: the more senses you appeal to the better. This recommendation will help you bring a specific picture to life (to make it more vivid).
2. Use literary devices. Apart from imagery, such devices as similes, metaphors, and epithets, will bring more variety and colors to your poem. Try to use different devices instead of focusing only on one type.
3. Appeal to the ear. It really matters how a poem sounds to the ear. So, to check out how your target readers or listeners will perceive it, try reading it aloud after completion. If you do not like how it sounds, think of what can be changed in regards to the structure.
4. Avoid clichés. When you fill your poem with clichés, it will not sound lively. Clichés lost their meaning long ago, so try to bring more creativity to your paper and make it unique.

Part 3: Brush-up your poem

1. Read the it aloud.
2. Ask others for a feedback on what can be improved and what is already good.
3. Take some time to revise your poem.

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Common Poetry Types

Many students get surprised when they get to know that there are more than 50 types of poetry writing. However, when it comes to poetry writing within the context of college or university home assignments, we predominantly focus on seven basic types.

1. Haiku: stanzas consisting of three lines and having a 5/7/5 syllable count.
2. Free verse poetry: poems requiring no rhyme.
3. Sonnet: originally comes from Italian and the very name means “a little song” or “a little sound.” This poetry type became popular after Shakespeare used it.
4. Epic poems: they are peculiar by their length and narrative style, where some kind of a specific story is told.
5. Ballad poems: similarly to epic poems they also narrate a specific story.
6. Cinquain: draw inspiration from the haiku consist of five lines.
7. Acrostic poems: provide a name of a new word with the first letters found at the beginning of each line.

Poetry Writing Assistance from Experts

If you are in need of poetry writing help, you can be free to seek guidance from our service. We provide custom love poems, ballads, sonnets, blank verses, haiku, epic poems, and other types. Poetry is a real piece of art, so we assign only creative and experienced writers who can draw inspiration and express their talent to deliver a top-notch quality paper for you. To get in touch with us, just send us a message saying, “Please help me write a love poem” whatsoever, and you will be assigned a writer who will work on your assignment.