Starting college is like starting a new life. New place, new people, new everything. And while this may sound like fun, most freshmen don’t think about troubles they can get in until the moment when they get into one. Wrong regime and caffeine overuse may result in health problems, arguing with your roommate all the time will spoil your life in the dorm. There are a lot more mishaps; 1st-year students can get into, unfortunately. So how to survive freshman year? It seems like Mission Impossible, right? However, keep your head because most of the troubles can be prevented if you read and try to remember our college survival guide.


Tips for College

I. Register.

The registration process is the hardest part. Of course, it is. I remember my first day at college. I was such a mess, and the only thought in my head was: “Run, Forest, run!” As a result, I made so many silly mistakes. But you will be ready with freshman advice we prepared. First of all, get your paperwork ready and pick your classes early. High school means responsibility. So be organized from the very first day.

II. Keep your body battle-ready

College is all about studying, showing your best sides, being more successful than at school and of course partying, partying, partying -this is what you think. Hate to break it to you, but that's not how it works. College life is awesome, but there are some drawbacks. And health problems are the biggest ones. Stress, pressure, restless nights, overeating, lack of physical activity can play a low-down trick on you. So, here are our best tips for college: stop yourself from stress eating, do something physical regularly and avoid caffeine crash. Your granny is right saying health is a blessing that money cannot buy.

III. Develop your social skills

Next freshman tips can be described in one word – socialization. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. It’s ok that you’re a newbie. Everyone was a newbie one day. Moreover, some people may be helpful. Just enjoy your time in college!

P.S. Always be friendly to your roommate. For your sake.

IV. Study hard

No, not party hard. STUDY hard. College years can influence your future; it’s important to do your best if you want to get a job somewhere else than MacDonald’s and other crap your parents keep telling you. My point is study hard and don't waste your money. So here’s our college survival guide for those who want to ace all exams:

Use tutoring services

Join a study group

Accept midterm exams results as a stimulus to achieve more

Remember that cramming never worked for anyone

Treat yourself if you deserve it

Inquire about extra credit assignments

Ask librarians to be your guides in the land of redundant information

V. Avoid temptations

Or act wisely. Of course, this is not freshman advice your mom would give you, so Mr./Ms. Right just skip this one. For those who are still here: rock your college years! And by “rock” I don’t mean doing something illegal. Here are more freshman tips on having fun:

Don’t do anything illegal

Drugs are inappropriate

Don’t drive after drinking alcohol

Keep your drink to yourself

Safe sex will steer you clear from STIs and unwanted pregnancies

Don’t be ashamed to say no

If you’re sexually active get tested regularly

No doubt, it may sound like a lot, but if you do everything carefully, and follow the advice given above, you are going to have valuable and joyful time in college. Appreciate your college years, they are much better than adult life.