Each and every one of us wants to be the good student in the class, but straight A’s are hard to get. Whether it’s research papers or exam taking, there’s always something that is a bit more difficult than other assignments. This is why we’ve prepared a list of helpful tips to study in college.


                                1.Study in 30-minute intervals

Good study habits include knowing when to stop. Some researchers say that we only learn well in the first 15-20 minutes, so why force yourself to do more and spend hours trying to memorize facts even after you’re exhausted. So, study for short periods of time, but be focused.

              2.Separate assignments into small action goals

People who wonder about how to study effectively often focus on themselves and not on the tasks they are given. What you should do is break the work down into smaller pieces. For example, if you need to write research papers, go on a fact-finding mission one day, write the paper another, and revise it the next day.

3.Only do one thing

The good student you are, you probably try to cram as much as you can into a single study session. This is not an idea you’ll find among good study habits though. What we recommend to do instead is choose one task and focus solely on it.

4.Breaks are important

You would not expect tips to study to include advice on how to rest, but here we are. Take breaks, but don’t just look at Facebook newsfeed. Instead, try some light physical activities, take a nap, or have lunch. Relax your body and mind.

5.Use books to study

There is way too many things that can distract you on your digital devices. Therefore, you should try to put them away and use your good old-fashioned books to learn. It also brings in a certain atmosphere of focus and attentiveness.

Remember these tips, study regularly, and you should become a star student in no time.