College search is the first important move towards the career of your dream. When you ask yourself a question “What college should I go to?”, you consider all the possible variants that satisfy your aspirations. On the other hand, college search may appear a daunting process, especially if you have no idea how to begin.

Choosing a College of My Dream

Decide on the type of college you want to enter. US education system offers numerous options of choosing a college: 2-year community college or 4-year university, public or private institution, a college in your region or not, etc.

Plan your budget. Think of the sum of money that is affordable for your family. Do you plan to have a part time job while studying? Consider applying for a scholarship that will partially cover the price of education.

Choose a major. US colleges offer a great variety of majors. Think of the area you are interested in and apply for it.

What College Should I Go to?

Consider your chances to be accepted. Before choosing a college and applying to it, critically examine your chances of success.

Visit the college. Information given at a college website is usually not enough to make the final choice.

Consider extracurricular activities. When answering your question “Where should I go to college?” think of the activities that are beyond the education process. Remember that college life is not about studying only.

Find information about housing. Where do you want to live: in an apartment or in a campus? Study the options being offered before choosing a college.

While answering your primary question “Where should I go to college?”, think carefully about information provided in the article. Also, listen to your inner voice and you will certainly make the correct decision.

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