Looking forward to your summer vacation and searching for budget travel opportunities? Well, if you plan trip wisely, you will be able to have low cost holidays by visiting cheap holiday destinations. The following budget travel tips will help you have marvelous time in the chosen location in any part of the US.



Everyone knows that the fastest and the most comfortable way of travelling is flying, but since you plan to have low cost holidays, you’d better consider other options. Greyhound or Green Tortoise Adventure Bus is an alternative to plane. Train companies also provide comfort at reasonable prices. While travelling with friends, consider driving the car.

Plan Trip.

Summer vacation is often planned. I mean, at least the location and the month. Why don’t you book your tickets then? Airline companies don’t tend to lower the prices days before the flight. Thus, it is advised to book your flight 29 days to 104 days beforehand.


It really matters when you fly. All budget travel tips take into account this point. You can enjoy your cheap holiday destinations just by choosing the proper day and time. Avoid the busiest Friday and Saturday that are also the most expensive. Moreover, make it a habit to always travel early in the morning, better on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Stay Simple.

Whenever travelling to any other place, live like a local. That means you can save a great deal of money on food. There is always a nice nearby market with fresh fruit and vegetables. Besides, you can always negotiate the price and get a discount. Another advice is to avoid expensive restaurants in the city centre and search for the local restaurants.

How to travel cheap?

Follow my tips and enjoy your traveler life discovering the beautiful world around you.