It is always a smart thing to do if you decide to talk with your professor with an intention to develop your communication skills and learn more. Contrary to common misconception, the majority of professors like spending time talking with their students.


Here are some tips for practicing your communication skills with a professor.

1.Talk respectfully and with decency.

Make sure you think twice about asking a question that is not to the point or that wastes his or her time. Try to arrange an individual meeting if the office hours’ schedule does not suit you. Don’t forget to call your supervisor by an appropriate title.

2. Know how to talk about academic issues.

College professor requirements might be quite tough. However, when you are having troubles with the curriculum, it can become much less of an issue to you IF you follow several tips:

- Don’t ask whether something affects your grade. Obviously, almost all of the curriculum-related aspects will affect your grade.

- Try not to concentrate on the grade aspect too much. If you do that, your professor, instead of sympathizing with you, will get an impression that you only care about the final grade, not the knowledge behind it.

- Never be too arrogant. Even if the most of your grades are As, it does not automatically imply that you will excel at a test without investing required efforts.

- Be sure to ask a professor how you can correct your mistakes. Sometimes, the suggestions are quite general and have nothing to do with the particular subject, but rather with the workflow organization.

- If you don’t know your professor or are embarrassed to ask in-class questions, approach him or her after class hours. Most likely, you will get a positive attitude and response in return.

- If you know your professor likes to keep it short, that’s great. But it’s not always like that. Don’t be afraid to end the conversation, especially if you have more things to do.

- Do not ask inappropriate questions. For example, never ask how much a professor makes. It is none of your business, don’t forget that!

If you keep in mind the abovementioned tips and have a genuine interest in growing both professionally and academically, talking to your professors will most likely be a very pleasant and useful experience for you.