Why is music important for writing process?

How is the process of writing your papers or articles organized? Are you puzzled right now with the weird question? In fact, if you think carefully, you probably will recall that when you are writing, you prefer listening to music while writing as a background. The researchers have discovered the significance of music for writing process. Petr Janata, associate professor of psychology at UC Davis' Center for Mind and Brain, concluded that memory processing and music appreciation both occur in the same part of our brain. So, when we listen to music, our memory is “awaken” that enhances associations and benefits to various brain activities, including writing. Another study performed by the Florida International University suggests that listening to music helps children with ADHD to focus on tasks for. We want to point out to three main reasons why listening to music while writing is important.

Music encourages focus!

Our life is full of sounds. Silence is a rare occasion. Even when we sleep, our room is full of different sounds, like the work of the heater or air conditioner, the breath of partner, the noise outside, etc. So, the stage of silence is not natural to people. However, when you have the sound of the washing machine or vacuum cleaner on the back, you will be distracted and will not be able to focus. Contrary to this, music enhances focus and helps to relax.

Music improves our mood!

Music influences our mood. So, if you are writing a poem, listening to the romantic collection songs will get you into the “poetry” mood. Writing a scientific article will be best accompanied by the music for relaxation. The horror story writing will be inspired by listening to hard rock. Thus, you can choose the music that suits you, and it will help you to delve into a “writing” mood.

Music enhances and motivates inspiration!

Just close your eyes when you are listening to your favorite song, relax for a couple of minutes, and your mind will start producing new ideas. Listening to pleasant music inspires us for production of the new ideas and boosts creativity.

Different attitudes to music while writing process: Pros and Cons!

Every cloud has a silver lining. Thus, while some people name the unquestionable benefits of listening to music while writing, others may also name some disadvantages. So, the top advantages including the enhanced focus, improved mood, and encouraged inspiration were discussed earlier. But, what are the cons? In fact, people are different. They have different characters, and their nervous systems may work in a different way. For example, one person sleeps for 5 hours to refresh while other person needs 10 hours. For one person watching the TV before going to bed is pacifying while for another person it may be irritating. The same idea may be applied to music while writing. Some people are bothered by any kind of noise including the music. They are distracted by music and cannot focus on writing. Therefore, I would say there are no generic pros and cons in musical accompaniment of the writing process. It is better to say that for some people it works whereas for others it doesn’t!

The most popular music genres among writers

Many men, many minds. Each writer is unique and has unique tastes and music preferences. Thus, there is no uniform best music for writing that fits for every writer. Some writers enjoy classical music while others prefer rap or rock. Let us be frank: you have to find your best music for writing that is relevant to a particular moment. Sometimes it is pleasant to listen to relaxation when you develop a successful article. Later on, you are inspired by the classical Mozart’s symphony as the good writing music. The idea is that whatever inspires you and helps focusing can be considered as your best music for writing!

My music for writing top-15 tracks:

Pure Light Mind. This melody is meditation music. It helps to relax and get rid of the daily hassle. It is perfect to listen when you have to write the successful article after the difficult work day.

Return to Innocence (Enigma). This track is relaxation music. It helps to cope with the stress and focus on your inner self.

Blessed (Elton John). This is a famous love song from the legend. The song inspires the romantic mood, and just improves the mood when you are tired.

Prelude – The Atlas March (Cloud Atlas) is the soundtrack to the film. The music is light and does not distract. It is perfect to have as a background for any kind of writing.

Piano Concerto No 21 by Mozart. This is classical melody. It is fresh and inspires the creative writing.

Love & Loss by Mattia Cupelli. This classical piece is very peaceful, romantic, and relaxing.

Bring Me The Horizon Memorial is the instrumental music with the sounds of nature. It enhances inspiration and positive thinking.

Piece by Piece (Kelly Clarkson) is a love song about the relationships between the father and the daughter. The song is heartbreaking and helps to tune for the “writing” mood.

Shape of My Heart by Sting. This song has the great instrumental background. It inspires the creative and nostalgic mood.

Time by Hans Zimmer. This is the soundtrack to the movie Inception. The music is very emotional and helps to think of the infinite. It inspires imagination and helps to deal with the creative writing.

The Matrix soundtrack. This complex track is full of energy and action. It is useful when you are too relaxed and need the good shake-up.

Revolutionary Road by Thomas Newman. This romance is the soundtrack to the American Beauty film. Very romantic and evocative tone is helpful when writing poems, romantic essays or nostalgic diaries.

Ma Sicong: Music for Violin and Piano. This album is the really good writing music that helps to relax and focus on your writing. There is no distraction and no daily routine, just the spirit of peacefulness and relaxation.

Beethoven's Sonatas performed by Wilhelm Kempff. This is classic. And this classic has the immense effect on our brain. Listen to this album once, and you will love it!

Forest at Night Nature Sounds. This track is not the traditional instrumental music. This is an hour of nature sounds – birds, rain, trees, wind, waterfalls, etc. The sounds of nature help you to relax and concentrate on writing.

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