This is the year of plentiful inventions that make life much better, more comfortable, or in some cases just more enjoyable and fun.


Safety Truck

Does it look like science fiction means of transport? Samsung is implementing this technological advancement in Argentina on a massive scale to make it a mainstream. The solution is aimed at preventing accidents that happen while overtaking their tracks.



It is half a Segway scooter and half a skateboard controlled with weight transfer of your body. You can do various stunts and even dance on it.


Virtual Reality Simulator

As opposed to Google Glass specs that amend the reality, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft HoloLens as a full-featured simulator of virtual reality. The gadget is already used by NASA to do the modeling of the Martian surface.


The Frying-Pan that Can Teach You How to Cook

There will be no more doubt whether a frying-pan is pre-heated adequately. No more questions when it is necessary to stir, whether the food is ready or it requires more time to taste perfect. This frying-pan will let you know when you have to turn a steak over to have it medium rare, for instance.


Book Water Filter

This is a book that makes the water clean. The book pages serve as water filters that remove up to 99 % of malignant bacteria. The information on how to use the solution can be found on the pages of the book.


Energizing Pasta

This kind of pasta is made from chickpeas instead of wheat. It contains twice the amount of protein and four times more fiber, but less carbohydrates and gluten. The company intends to offer similar alternatives to pizza and cereal.


Ocean Vacuum Cleaner

Mere drawing out the rubbish with nets is an over-priced and labor intensive process. The project developers have a mind to place a floating barrier 100 km long to seize the rubbish using the ocean streams.


The Ball that Can Teach the Kids to Code and Program

The demand for computer programmers goes up dramatically; so, the company Made by Many offers a solution that can tech the kids to code from a very early age. Being synchronized with a mobile app, Hackaball is a toy that enables the users program the time and mode of switching lights.


Personal Detector of Air Pollution

This gadget detects the composition of the air around for you not to breathe in the contaminants. For instance, it can help you to plan the routes where there are no allergens, like pollen.


Hydro Hammock

We believe this genius invention is going to be the most desired thing for a cottage house!


Locking Gadget

This gadget can put your house under lock and key. It is a fantastic invention either for those who often forget to lock the door or those who do not forget to do that but always keep worrying that they did. Having synchronized it with your smartphone, you will always be sure whether you have locked the door. You can also monitor who and when enters and leaves the house.


Stoop-Preventing Chip

As soon as you start stooping your shoulders, you hear the gadget vibrating. A perfect value for your health!


Smart Ears

This device can remove unpleasant noises and sounds in the smartphone application. For example, you can get rid of the ‘joyful’ sounds of a chisel hammer or children’s screams, at least partially.


Snore Prevention System

This device comes into action when the user starts snoring. The sound starts the pump which inflates a special cushion in the pillow. The head position changes as the pillow gets shifted. As a result, the nasopharyngeal cavity muscles are contracted and snoring stops.


Kid Health Bio-Bracelet

This device takes the measurements of the kid’s heart rhythm, temperature, posture, and other health aspects. In case there is any trigger for alarm, the parents get a notification in the smartphone app. It is also possible to predict the time when the kid is going to wake up.


Electronic Orchestra for Your Guitar

As soon as you attach the ACPAD panel to your guitar, you will hear the sounds of hundreds of musical instruments.


The Pots which Grow Together with the Plants

These origami pots created in the Ayskan studio can easily be transformed to get the size suitable for your plant.


A Toy to Chat with

Unlike other talking toys that can repeat the kid’s words and phrases, this dinosaur can actually chat with the children. He can not only ask and answer the questions, but also interpret the kids’ answers.

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