In the modern world, media as well as popular cultures are training men to accept and adopt the sexist views. With this kind of training the American men and boys have developed a very interesting attitude towards women whereby they see females as sexual objects. The media and culture in the American society have been in the front line in advocating women to be perceived as sex objects to satisfy men’s desires and needs. This kind of training has resulted in the lack of respect towards women from the American male population. This paper seeks to examine how the society creates a man according to the film The Bro Code. The film explores how media and popular cultures train mankind to have the sexist views towards women.


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According to the film, the society trains men to be womanizers. The film starts with the images of the famous movie characters that stand up for men to become chasers in their compositions. The Bro Code also shows how various TV shows advertise sex; thus, training men indirectly to intrigue a woman in order to take her to bed afterwards. For instance, a reality show that is run on MTV tends to use hyper-sexist and hyper-masculine male characters in order to ensure their connection with male audience across the USA. Music also trains men how to win women. The film exposes various shows in the media enforcing men to take sexual advantage of women. They are attracting ladies through what is popularly known as the bro culture. The society creates men as those instruments that are taking advantage of women by using them as sexual objects to fulfill their wants through pornography. The film shows that the number of men who watch and read pornographic materials in America is increasing. Most of these materials tend to bring a bad picture about women by encouraging men to view them as sexual objects. Therefore, there are two main ways through which media and culture train American males to view women as desired objects. First, they use the technique of encouraging men to be womanizers; and secondly, through distribution of pornographic materials that demean women in the society.

The media and culture tend to build a masculine society in America whereby men are portrayed as being superior to women. In this society, women are seen as objects that satisfy men’s sexual needs; and they do not have any say when it comes to the sexual matters.
There are many ways which can be used to change the mentality of men in issues related to sex. Educational forums, where men can be educated on the importance of respecting women and not taking advantage of them can be organized. Secondly, legislations can be formulated discouraging distribution of pornographic materials in the society. Curtailing the spread of porn can be very effective in reducing the number of men who are being spoilt through these records.

The above mentioned strategies can be implemented through educational forums, whereby the government, women groups as well as human right organizations can partner and organize educative sessions and help in developing legislations that discourage men from viewing women as sexual objects. They can use the media to support their agenda through the TV shows promoting respect of women by men.

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