Since my major professional goal is to build a rewarding and satisfying career in orthodontics, I would very much like to receive additional knowledge and training in this field. Based on what I learned about the content of a postgraduate program in orthodontics, this program is what I need to gain insight and proficiency and become a specialist in this area of dentistry. Therefore, in terms of educational and professional development, my goal is to gain knowledge and skills necessary to independently perform a broad range of orthodontic diagnostic studies and treatments for clients from different age groups. Based on the stated goals, I have several objectives pertaining to the field of my interest. The first general objective is completing a postgraduate program in orthodontics. Another more specific objective is becoming proficient in diagnosing abnormalities in the growth of the jaws and face, determining appropriate treatment aims, developing treatment plans, and making a prognosis about the expected treatment outcomes. One more objective is strengthening of my background in biomechanical sciences and concepts pertaining to orthodontic therapy and facial morphology. The next objective is to further my knowledge of functional appliance therapy, removable appliances, fixed appliance techniques, and oral treatment procedures.


The following objective is receiving clinical training and experience in the interdisciplinary care of the clients requiring combined collaborative orthodontic-surgical treatment. In addition, it is my objective to expand my knowledge in the fields of clinical oral physiology (abnormalities in craniofacial development), oral radiology, prosthodontics, periodontology, and pediatric dentistry. Another objective that I have the interest to pursue is engaging in research. Specifically, I am interested in researching and making a comparative analysis of the latest novel technologies used in orthodontics to create fixed appliances. However, as of now, I am contemplating on a few potential research directions. For instance, the topics evoking my interest include microimplants, self-ligating brackets, and treatment using continuous surface wave (CSW) technique. Finally, I have a practical objective including becoming an expert in such practical tasks as determining optimal biomechanics for individual patients, bending arches, and positioning brackets. In other words, in order to reach my longer-term goals, I need to pursue and successfully achieve shorter-term objectives. On my part, I am determined to make every effort to study conscientiously ad obtain expertise necessary to provide high-quality services to my patients and adapt the best treatment and technology to the individual needs of my patients.

I believe that I have the capacity and motivation necessary to succeed in postgraduate education. In particular, I am accomplishment-oriented and self-motivated. Even without external rewards, I enjoy pursuing and achieving goals and overcoming challenges since I derive considerable inner satisfaction from a job well done or achieving a goal I set earlier. Moreover, I take pride in my professional path as I believe that my profession has a great potential to bring value to people’s lives, make clients more confident and raise their self-esteem by improving outward appearance.

Furthermore, when I set a goal to do or achieve anything, I am not satisfied with anything short of best when it is within my power to achieve the best possible or optimal result. I believe that this trait will continue motivating me to study hard and smart and make further progress in my academic and professional life. Currently, in my professional practice, I encounter situations and health problems that can be solved with additional education and training. Therefore, I am determined to learn to effectively solve a broader range of problems pertaining to orthodontics. In this regard, I believe that a postgraduate program will equip me with advanced expertise necessary to address complex orthodontic problems.

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