The contemporary statistical data shows the decline of the number of married American families with children. Thus, the number of them at 1970 was 40.3% of the total American households, and at 2012, it was 19.6%. At the same time, the number of the American families without children remained almost unchangeable, and it was 30.3% at 1970 and 29.1% at 2012. It should be mentioned one of the most interesting facts of increasing the number of other American households. Thus, according to the U.S. Census, the number of men living alone has increased by 6.7% and was 12.3% at 2012; the number of women living alone has increased by 3.7% and was 15.2% at 2012; and the number of the so-called non-family households increased by 3.4% and was 6.1% at 2012. Therefore, the increase in living alone men, women, and non-family households was 13.8%, but their total number was 33.6% from the total households at 2012. At the same time, the number of the so-called other family households increased by 7.2% at 2012 compared to the quantity at 1970. Thus, 40.8% of all American households were unmarried, childless, alone or reared children in single-parent families. The problem is that only 19.6% of all households reared children and were two-parent families, traditional American families. It was a result of the post- World War II industrialization, when a husband ceased to be a single breadwinner in an American family. In order to understand aftermath of the problem and make decisions for solving it, it is necessary to analyze works of famous scholars as Talcott Parsons, Arlie Hochschild, Robert Bales, and Stephanie Coontz.


Talcott Parsons analyzes American families of the 1950s. He discusses important facts of the social existence of the so-called modern or nucleus American family, when two generations lived in one house. At that time, all traditions of an American family were kept and cherished. Of course, the older generation took care of the grandchildren, who made life more interesting and thoughtful. A husband was a traditional breadwinner. His task was to work and provide a family with all necessary things and money. A wife took care of children and parents and maintained order in the household. The 1940s and 1950s were the period when family relations and links were strong and significant. Causes of a juvenile crime as other kinds of crimes emerged very seldom compared to nowadays. As Parsons and Bales state, as a whole, American families lived well. They had homes, husbands worked and had sufficient wages, and children were under control of grandparents and mothers constantly. At the same time, about 93% of African Americans lived in poverty and under press of racial segregation. Unlike the white population of the United States, African Americans did their best to give their children the best education they could in order to gain any prestigious work or career in the future.

At the 1950s, all industrial and agricultural enterprises were operating at full capacity. The United States economy started to produce peaceful production, but the arms race with the Soviet Union gave additional workplaces for American citizens. In addition, the United States Government passed a special social program to improve the social level of young Americans. According to it, all former American soldiers got the opportunity to enter higher educational establishment. All young American families could have loans for dwellings under 10% for 30 years, and each working American husband spent about 10-18% of wages to pay the loan. It was the main reason to disintegrate a traditional American family, because all young people wanted to live separately from their parents. Of course, all young American wives strived to be a real homemaker. Since the 1950s, a traditional American lifestyle has changed, because the most of American families got their own dwellings.

At the mid 1960s, African American movement for the elimination of the racial segregation and the ethnical discrimination in the United States broke out with a new strength. The famous speech of Doctor Martin Luther King forced the worlds community to draw attention to the American problem, and as a result, African Americans became citizens with full rights, equal to white Americans. The multiethnic and multiracial American society faced the issue of the adaptation different cultural, ethic, and nation customs and traditions to the contemporary life. Of course, there were multiple racial and ethnic conflicts at that time in America, and they influenced the future development of American family relationships. For instance, there was a certain tension between parents and their children while forming interracial marriages. At the same time, a generation gap increased in the society. To make things worse, a new economic crisis broke out at the mid 1970s forced American wives to seek for jobs.

It was a real tragedy in American families when a husband ceased to be a sole breadwinner, because increased expenses were not paid by his wages any more. Many wives had to work, but some families disintegrated, and children were being reared by a single parent. Since both parents worked, their children had more time not to be under control. This social situation is depicted on Census. At that time, a new wave of various feminist demonstration demanding equal rights with males swept through the United States. Both difficult economic situation and suffering mothers from continuous work in enterprises and homes, the so-called Second Shift influenced deeply the development of the further scope of life of children. It was the main reason of the increase in the number of non-family households and both men and women living alone. Moreover, the reared by mothers in incomplete families men were unable to be responsible for decision making and preferred to live alone. The reared by mothers in incomplete families girls preferred to live alone as well, because both males and females did not believe in the successful marital life. Instead of it, they formed same sex relationships or civil partnerships. At the same time, the juvenile crime increased in number, because children had much time to be not under the control.

According to Census, since the 1970s till 1995 (in 25 years), a peak of decreasing in the number of married couples with children emerged. It decreased by almost 15%, because of the growth of children reared in the single-parent families. In addition, the trend to decrease in the number of married couples with children remained stable. If the situation with American families is not improved, a huge demographical crisis will sweep through the United States in the nearest two-three decades when the older incapacitated citizens exceed the number of young people working in American enterprises. Indeed, it can cause various riots posing a danger to the United States. Because of them, the country could disintegrate into 50 or more independent states since irregularly populated the whole American territory by people of various ages, races, and ethnicities. The seemed equality of each state would be revealed in the very horrible shape leading to the abovementioned catastrophe. In fact, it is able to solve the problem by attracting immigrants from Mexico or Asia, but they can bring various problems connected with their different scope of life. When their number exceeds the number of the American people, who would be much older than the immigrants, then the immigrants could do everything they would want with the United States. Therefore, as Parsons and Bales hope, there is a sole way to solve the problem with the demographic situation in the United States. This way is to return to the traditional American family when two generations lived in the same house.

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After analyzing works of the famous American scholars, it is possible to conclude that the demographic situation in the United States is very complicated. It poses a real danger to the American society, and a sole way to improve the situation is to return to the traditional American family. It will solve the next problems: children will be under continuous control from the side of their grandparents. It will minimize the quantity of causes of various juvenile crimes. At the same time, it will strengthen family relationships and links with generations. The next positive quality is to give the opportunity to work wives without the Second Shifts, because the grandparents could fulfill every task on house work well and with pleasure to be helpful for their children. Of course, it will improve the psychological climate in American families, which will cause to minimize the so-called same-sex marriage or civil partnerships. In addition, reared by grandparents children will be more adapted for life since links between grandparents and children are stronger than they are between children and constantly busy their parents. In addition, if a new economic crisis emerges, a family will cope with it easier as a constant support of parents and their care of children will change not only the scope of life Americans, but it will improve the demographic situation in the whole country.

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