John opened his eyes. Having looked around the room, he hasnt noticed anything unusual: the familiar wall covering, the usual greenish sunlight gently penetrating through the sick draperies. Seems like an ordinary day, however, there is something that makes his heart sink. Oh, yes. It is his first job interview ever.

It seemed like another fine yet crucial day when a young adult is getting ready to face one of the most decisive events of his life. He is going to attend his first interview, and if all goes well, he might end up with the first job of his life. The anticipation and anxiousness grow with every second floating away and hastening the moment of truth is John a worthy candidate? Can he impress the HR representative? Is he better than the other candidates? The feeling of approaching the turning point makes his heart bump. He clearly understands that getting employed will change everything, bringing financial independence, personal as well as professional advancement, self-respect, as well as respect from others, gaining experience and meeting new people among others. For this reason, getting prepared for the interview should be all-inclusive and rather extensive. He must look great. But he also has to smell, sound and act great, as well. He knows that he has to get ready for the day in the best possible manner, carrying out all the procedures that may enhance his performance and help to make the needed impression at this first interview, which could earn him a job he so much desires.


Having looked into the window, John sees that things go on as usual. His annoying neighbor walking the dog right on his lane, old Mrs. Selfridge sitting on the terrace of her fanciful house, and Pamela, the hot young attorney, making her morning run nothing seems to foreshadow any unexpectedness. However, the tension grows as the time of the interview approaches. However, John does his best to keep a positive mood. He eats his ordinary breakfast made of cornflakes and sweet coffee, goes to the bathroom to say his positive affirmations, correct the hair and make sure that he looks good enough to get the desired job.

On the threshold of the success, John walks into the street and enjoys pleasant warmth of the sun rays. A smart suit being perfectly ironed by his carrying mother, nice but neat haircut and a charming smile add to his good mood and speak of him as of a person that deserves the position of an executive manager in a big company. With all this in mind, John gets to the interview without any difficulties, but the circumstances begin to unfold as he did not expect. His stomach starts to bubble and hurt badly, leaving John no other option than seek a toilet. Luckily, there is still time to fix the situation. John runs to the restroom stall to attend to a call of nature, hoping that the problem will be quickly solved and forgotten and he would come back to the interview with a wide smile on his face and the unique charm of a young self-confident employee to be. Although it is not the best moment, John knows that he has to solve this issue immediately since his upset stomach will not let him make a good first impression; and everything in him has to be perfect: his posture, speech and the tone.

Being left alone with his sought, he feels really awfully. He only hopes that this incident is not a bad sign for him and his career. John, however, has a weak sense of relief praising heaven that it did not happen during the interview and in front of the interviewers. He also understands that if an HR representative goes by events of this day, he might not get the job. He scolds himself for having used that milk for the breakfast, although he knew it was not exactly fresh. In a few moments, he starts to feel so desperate and anxious that even begins to regret having turned up for the interview only to embarrass himself. Anyway, the only option he had is to go to the restroom and ease things out.

In the restroom, John feels relief. He is now happy to calm his stomach, but he still has a lot of thoughts going through his mind. In the restroom, the rumbling sound does not stop, and his belly is very painful. He curses the fate for playing such an evil game with him. Why now? Why not twenty minutes later? Or, maybe, it is only a test? Maybe he has to prove that he is a grown up man, able to control himself and the situation? His brain starts to boil as the thoughts continue to swarm in his head. Meanwhile, he gets distracted from his thinking by a confident knock into the restrooms door, Hello, hurry up, please. Johns heart sinks. He recognizes the voice of Mr. Bradford, the HR representative he had on the phone yesterday. The one who will interview him. Johns embarrassment grows to the immense sizes when he understands that the interviewer is outside the restroom stall waiting to get in. An idea of how he has lost it without even a chance to try becomes overwhelming. Now, he totally regrets having come to the interview. Why hasnt he overslept or stuck in a traffic jam instead of coming here to disgrace himself and become a laughing stock? He feels that the situation is grave. Additionally, it is aggravated by bad odors in the stall. Moreover, it is hopeless. The interviewer is waiting outside and will surely get in to feel the terrible smell. He knows how far he is from finishing and how he must persevere both the odor and the rumbling sound. He also knows the interviewer must wait for longer, which will give him even more time to think about the unlucky interviewee. Moreover, having entered the restroom and feeling the odor of Johns problem, Mr. Bradford is likely to negatively assess him. Needless to say, John feels doomed and personally responsible for disrupting the own interview and keeping the interviewer waiting. He is almost sure that Mr. Bradford is not likely to take this kindly, especially considering that he is now put in an environment full of bubbly sounds and terrible smell.

Now, John is not sure whether he should get out from here at all. However, there is no other way out. He cannot finish it the soonest. He cannot dictate to a rumbling stomach. John is so angry and desperate feeling to have become a victim of the situation, with an upset stomach being a master that demands to be served diligently. For this reason, he does not leave the room yet having more time to feel awful. He is not sure how to act as his belly is still in pain. In addition, it is not a good idea either to keep the interviewer wait outside. Johns feels shattered and defeated. He is tired and fed up with this morning drama caused by a stupid mistake.

The next idea coming to Johns mind is how he will get out and ensure that the following discussion with the interviewer will not be about this stomach issue because if it happens, he will stand no chance of getting this job he truly desires. Additionally, he is almost sure that the interviewer has no kind remarks regarding the incidence at all. More than ten minutes passed since he has got into this restroom. After all, Mr. Bradford is a busy person and has other things to attend to. Moreover, according to his tone, it seems that he badly needs to use the restroom, as well.

From the other side of the door, Mr. Bradford starts to contemplate on visiting another restroom since this young man does not seem to be in any hurry. It looks like he is taking his sweet time and feeling at home inside the restroom. Having checked his watch, Mr. Bradford understood that he has been waiting for a long time already. This young man has been inside for twelve or so minutes. With his bladder full, Mr. Bradford starts to get nervous. Moreover, he has interviews to conduct. As rumbling sounds are still loud, he thinks about taking an elevator to another floor. He cannot get back to work like that, and he has spent so much time waiting in vain. He starts to recollect all the things he has to do ahead of him. With no changes in the situation, Mr. Bradford began to work on the sarcastic remarks he would make to this toilet-sitter. However, in a few moments, he started to feel concerned by the health of this young man. The desire to make venomous comments vanished when he imagined how this young interviewee must have been feeling. He started to think of how to ask the young man whether he needed any help.

The two men had a very bad day. The events of that morning were torturing and sent a string of thought in their minds. All of them had a lot to think about: John when sitting on the toilet, and Mr. Bradford while waiting to enter.

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