Nietzsche was born on October 15th in Röcken, Saxony Province, in the year 1844. His life was characterized by pain right from the start. This was evidenced by the demise of his father when he was only five years old. He spent his entire childhood with his sister, mother and two aunts. At the age of fourteen, he joined Schulpforta preparatory school thanks to the scholarship that he was awarded. He did extremely well in German literature, religious studies as well as classical lessons. Nevertheless, he started suffering from severe headache. This illness troubled him for the most part of his adulthood. The sickness not withstanding, he graduated in the year 1864. He advanced his studies in both classical and theological studies at the Bonn University. Nonetheless, he gave up on theology and moved to Leipzig. There, he was acquainted with Kant’s works, Richard Wagner, the composer, and Schopenhauer who wrote, “The World as Will and Idea”.


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Even though Nietzsche was an army servant in the year 1868, his illness cut short his appointment. This did not deter his ambitions as he was regarded as a bright student. Due to this, Basel University called him to preside over the classical philology. By then, he was only 24 years old. After a while, he was awarded a doctorate. In the course of the Franco-Prussian battle, he worked as a medic. When he returned to Basel, his health was not in a good condition. Nonetheless, he was able to teach from 1869-1879. When his health conditions deteriorated, he retired. During the war, he had contracted diphtheria and dysentery. In addition, he had experienced the wrath and brutality of the war.

Nietzsche’s life is full of misery. However, he managed to get over those miseries, which, seemed to be responsible for his consequent happiness and prosperity. It is the turn of such events in his life that made him reason positively. He professed that the acknowledgement of difficulties led to prosperity. Those hardships, somehow, had a positive impact on his life as an individual.

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