The company named Coca-Cola is the biggest beverage company, which produces more than 550 fizzy and still chops worldwide. People delight in these beverages in more than 220 countries. A rate of servings is 1.9 billion a day. It is among the world's top 10 companies, and more than 750,000 workers are employees of Coca-Cola. 


Muhtar Kent has been the president of the company since April 2009. The main part of Kent’s theory is improving the relationship with bottler partners worldwide. To lighten this procedure, CEO has focused on guaranteeing that Coca Cola has employees with the correct attitude. According to Muhtar Kent, the main leadership and motivation theory of CEO is “You have to understand consumers: They would like to be heard” (Ignatius, 2011). He uses a type of leadership, which includes perseverance, trust, maintenance of new ideas, and responsibility. Muhtar Kent as a strong leader knows his job perfectly and raises the interest of employees. The leader proves that he does not have a possibility to lead others without trust.

Muhtar Kent made a daring step to take exact monitoring of the significant American market by purchasing what was the biggest bottler of the company during the last three years of working as the president. It was one of the greatest steps the company had ever undertaken. In this motion, the company’s power rose by 70,000 and revenues grew by $25 billion. It was believed that by doing it, Coca-Cola would be venturing and less profitable. However, the effects have refuted such anxiety. The company has noticed potent upturn in benefit and revenues. The net income for 2012 was $11.45 billion, which is 4% higher than for the previous year. 

The company has substituted more than three-fourths of the main managers to make fresh talents measure market possibilities and exploit them. Kent has also chased persistent obtaining to get an approach to modern market parts with great potential.
Muhtar Kent is famous for developing and increasing company`s trading in the world. Muhtar Kent was hired by Coca-Cola after graduating from Business School when he was 32. Then, he was the head of the company’s affiliation in Turkey. Kent was a vice-president and was responsible for 25 markets in Central and Eastern Europe five years later. He was promoted to keep operations in 15 leading countries in Europe in 1995. Thus, his career growth was quite long and replete.

The operations of Coca-Cola are mobile and effective in the developed trading. Furthermore, Kent is accomplishing $30 billion in supplementary investments to provide growth in markets such as India and China that keep significant potential. 
Muhtar Kent has a lot of ambitious plans for his future leading of the company after analyzing the growth of income and earnings. The aim of his vision is to double revenues by 2020.
The company creates and fosters teamwork and communication with bringing in people from all over the world: the top 400 people in the company  are constantly talking about problems and solutions, working more closely with partners, and organizing internal meetings. Also, it increases a sense of belonging to a particular organization and encourages the development of knowledge and useful ideas. It obtains great results both for the company and also for employees such as promotions, competitions, and development. 
In conclusion, Muhtar Kent at the age of 60 is planning and implementing his main goals. By virtue of his perseverance, Muhtar will steer the Coca-Cola Company through lots of steps forward for the future success.