Not without a reason euthanasia is called an assisted suicide. Mainly, all the patients can choose who will kill them and when it will happen. Furthermore, many doctors support this way of going out of life, if a person was involved in a major accident that has resulted in no chance of surviving situation.


Euthanasia is never a way out of a situation. Even if it shortens the suffering time of the sick one, it will expand the moaning of his family. This is noted in many cases; almost 80% of people who decided upon euthanasia for their family members can’t get rid of guilt.

Euthanasia dumps the power off to the society by creating a possibility to decide upon someone’s life. For a patient coma there is always a possibility to go out of it; so we do not have any moral right to decide if he should get the chance or not. A vision of future, where euthanasia is made a common thing, is a vision where disabled and sick people are treated as being less worth than others. This can only result in shifting our human priorities to the worst. The voluntary euthanasia can soon become an involuntary one. Indeed, this is just a step away from letting the doctors to decide if we are worthy to live with some major disabilities or not. We open a way for a human being to decide upon life and death. This behavior is not very different from the behavior of a killer who will be punished by law. Euthanasia affects the rights of all people, not just of the patient. Along with this action the doctors are going against the Oath of Hippocrates. Its main point stated not to harm; therefore, making the doctors to remain the individuals who save lives and not set an ending to them. One may wonder if an assisted suicide is a straight act of harming somebody and taking his life before the time indicated by his destiny comes.

Euthanasia isn’t always in a person’s best interest. There are no hopeless cases. Even when there is no perspective on getting back to health or living a long life, everything can change on the very next day.

People should care about life not harm or kill each other. If a family member is becoming a heavy burden, euthanasia should not be a way out. The only thing that should be applied in such cases is professional care. We should not stop searching for better options and just choose the worst and the easiest one. Life and death are the great mysteries and they should remain this way. We should not interfere in something that we do not understand till the end.

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