For a long time, America has been at the forefront of fighting terrorism in the world. America reacts to the threats of terrorism with actions that are geared towards rooting out the terrorists. This has helped root out some leaders who advocate for terrorism, among them Saddam and Osama; thus, this has helped secure the world.


Foreign Policy

America respects the sovereignty of all countries. However, America seeks to ensure that the whole world is secured. The US foreign policy also states that it can infiltrate another country in case of any threat of terrorism.
America and Iran have been involved in some changing relationships. For instance, Iran supported America after the terrorist attacks on World Trade Towers. This move made America attack Afghanistan. Iran supported Americans in this war. Iranian and American troops even came together in rooting out Taliban and Al-Qaeda (Showdown with Iran). However, this relationship changed when some Iranians claimed that America was targeting Iran after Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, the distrust ensued.

America also wants Iran to stop its nuclear project since this will be a threat to the whole world. In fact, America has threatened this country with military intervention unless the nuclear project is abandoned (Genest 75). Some Iranians feel that America just wants to control the region, and it wants to do this through bringing Iran down since it is the region’s power. The movie and the book show these changing conflicts between America and Iran.

America should continue a crackdown of nuclear weapons all over the world. This will ensure the safety of the world. Iranians have resulted to hate America for this reason, but they should be made to comprehend the force of a nuclear weapon to the world. I support Machiavelli’s view that America should be feared than loved since this will make people with terrorist ideologies desist from terrorism.

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