Writing properly is not an easy task, and there are numerous reasons why. On the one hand, it may be hard, because you don’t know your target audience: you don’t know the age, profession or interests of people, and thus your essay might not be interesting, informative or even understandable to them. On the other hand, it might simply be hard for you to provide a coherent and well-structured essay (for example, the organization of essay may be rather chaotic and it may be difficult to follow your idea).


Knowing how to write college essays is crucial, because it will not only bring benefits to your writing skills but it will also teach you how to structure your thoughts.

In this article, we have prepared for you a list of creative writing tips. Most of them are pieces of advice of my favorite writers – George Orwell and Kurt Vonnegut. When I was just beginning to learn how to write college essays properly, I wrote down these tips into my notebook under the title “The Zen of Writing.” So, here they are:

  • Using generally known and clichéd similes, metaphors or other figures of speech is not a good idea.
  • A short word is always better than a long one.
  • When having a possibility to omit an odd word, do it.
  • Always prefer active voice to passive.
  • If there is an English equivalent to some foreign word or phrase, jargon or scientific vocabulary, what’s the point then of using the latter?
  • Rather break any of the abovementioned rules than use some barbaric word.
  • Choose a subject that is of utmost interest to you.
  • Stay focused, though.
  • Simple is better than complex.
  • Know where to stop.
  • Do not pretend to be someone else.
  • Express YOUR opinion.
  • Sympathize with the readers.

Hope you liked the creative writing tips. Remember: conciseness, clarity, and specificity will help you free your inner writer. Use these keys.