Application process has never been easy for candidates. There are a lot of concerns on behalf of those who submitted the application whether they did everything correctly and whether they provided all required information. The thing is that failure to provide requested information will likely result in the application being dismissed. It is especially true when job seekers are trying to find a job sending out their resumes or CVs to hundreds of potential employers. The secret of success often lies in the type and quality of documents they submit which is the subject of our discussion today. Writing a CV or resume is an easy task if you don’t care about the job – you just put on the information that seems to be appropriate. However, writing an effective application document is much more difficult. It requires specific knowledge and writing standards that are expected by those who receive and review applications to make the hiring decisions.


Submitting a Resume vs Submitting a CV

First of all, terms resume and CV (abbreviated form of curriculum vitae) are often used interchangeably. Most people have no idea that resume and CV are different terms signifying different documents. When you are in such environment, you shouldn’t worry too much about naming your application file correctly (who cares if your employer doesn’t know the difference as well?). However, these terms have slightly different meaning and you have to know the difference, especially if your career involves a lot of traveling and overseas experience.

The term “Curriculum Vitae” (often referred to as CV) derives from Latin language and means the course of life. CVs are popular within the academic context where graduates try to have their works published and then highlighted on a CV. Higher-education establishments evaluate potential candidates not just by test scores and grades but also by the CVs (where candidates are to provide the list of published works). Also, if you are from the US or Canada and plan to apply for jobs in Europe, most likely you will be required to submit a CV, not a resume. If you are not sure what CV is in the local context, you can always search the templates in the country where you plan to apply for a job.

In the context where these two terms are separated, you have to know that a CV is usually longer than a resume. It is also static which assumes it doesn’t need to be tailored for a specific position in the way most resumes are to be adjusted for better job application outcomes. Curriculum vitae is a detailed overview of one’s accomplishments, especially those relevant for the academic context. So you basically update your CV as your professional accomplishments grow (received an award as a teacher, published the scientific study, etc). A resume is somewhat different in this perspective – it should be modified for each and every position applied. More than that, some of the irrelevant achievements can be removed in order to focus on the key required skills or experience.

What Kind of Document I Should Submit?

The whole thing with this resume and CV difference may sound confusing, especially for those who don’t have any experience in job search. As a result, they may worry about submitting the right type of document… Fortunately, almost any job opening has a section with information that you need to know about the application process and documents you need to submit. So if you want to succeed at writing applications that will get you hired then you have to study the requirements section first. There you will likely find information about what is required. As we have mentioned before, overseas opportunities will assume the submission of CV while local job search will likely require a resume to be written. Even if you are still confused after going through the job opening requirements, you can always ask the point of contact directly.

Many people have a hard time developing either of these documents as it requires analytical skills and knowledge of effective writing techniques. As a result, many job seekers choose to retreat to the companies like ours. So if you have a challenge to write a CV or resume, you can always order the respective type of service from our agency. Experienced writers and editors will work on your application document to deliver high quality paper that will achieve its ultimate purpose (get you a job interview). Besides, you can always order additional services that may help you in your job search endeavors.