Part 1.


How to Write a Grant Proposal Gradually

1. If you do not know how to write a grant proposal step by step, start with reading the application carefully. 
2. Brainstorm before the writing process. Think about the strongest points of organization; remember to come up with the best examples and arguments. 
3. Compose a summarizing statement. The request you are making has to be written in a single paragraph. 
4. Write an outline that will describe your future actions.
5. Make sure that your proposal is the kind that is granted by the grantor you found. It is true that grantors are very specific in what they are searching.

Part 2.

Sample Grant Proposal

1. Your outline and ideas will help to start the writing process. If you are stuck at some point, try to work on another part.
2. A grant proposal should have a specific purpose. Your grant proposal has to explain why you need the money. When you finished the writing process, reread and edit it; change everything that does not make sense. 
3. Review the grant requirements and proposal. Read the requirements again before editing. If it is stated in the requirements that the grant has to be submitted online, do so without questioning.
4. Proofread with special attention. Make sure you excluded all kinds of errors: grammatical, spelling, and typing.
5. Have a reality check. Ask two people or more (unrelated to your organization) to read what you have written, then ask what they think about your concept.

Part 3.

Grant Writing Tips

1. When writing the grant, it is critical to know the budget for the project. Spend some time to evaluate and research the actual expenses that will come up. 
2. Write a budget summary. This document is meant to summarize expenses by categories (for example, services purchased capital, equipment, travel, etc.)
3. Compose a budget’s justification (it should provide numerical details, explaining how you came up with the numbers.)
4. Show that your project is beneficial. Newspaper articles and supporting letters will play an important role.
5. If any other documents are required, provide them. 

Part 4.

Completing the Application

1. Do not forget about a cover letter. It has to include a request summary (the project’s purpose and how much money you are looking for). 
2. Proofread the proposal again. You might think editing you have done is enough, but read again, it will only be helpful. 
3. Check everything more than once. Did you answer all of the questions you were required to? 
4. Copy your files. The gathered information might be helpful for other grant applicants.
5. Make sure you bear in mind the deadline. An application that is late may even not even be considered.

Part 5.

What to Do Next?

1. Give this process some time. In a week after submitting the proposal, make a call if it arrived and if it is complete.
2. Inform the grantor if you have some major success, it could be important.
3. Be patient. The grant review process requires the applicant to wait for a while.