Students often use the search query “how to write my perfect resume.” The resume is an official document, which rules of writing are regulated by the management of office work. Read these tips and learn how to make a resume for the first job.



It is necessary to think over several variants of the resume, for sending by mail, fax, and in electronic form by E-mail. However, the texts must be identical. The format may differ. A well-chosen photo may decorate the resume, but think about how it will look received by fax.
The first unshakable rule is that the volume cannot exceed one, maximum two pages, and it is desirable the key information to be on the first page. If the volume does not allow this, then think about what information you can put in. However, if a person has a lot of experience, it creates certain difficulties and limitations, but when typing resumes on a computer, there is an opportunity to circumvent this rule. Change the font size, although this is not desirable, because the resume should be easy to read.  If the volume of the summary turned out to be one incomplete page, the information must be arranged so that the page is fully occupied with text. To write a correct CV, you must use one font, preferably Times New Roman or Arial. Many fonts of different sizes are unreadable. The strict design style is an indispensable condition. Each section of the document should be separated from the previous one. Be sure to check the spelling. A CV with errors has no chance. It should be written in simple language.

Non-Standard Resume

If you decide to write a non-standard resume, keep in mind that this strategy is not good in all cases. As a guide to action, it can be adopted by the representatives of creative professions who are allowed to deviate from the standard. As for the specialists of other (non-creative) professions such as engineers, drivers, accountants, etc., it is preferable for applicants to remain within the framework of officially approved standards. This is primarily due to the fact that the specialists of this profile are required to show their accuracy, thoroughness and the mandatory observance of job descriptions. It should be borne in mind that recruitment agencies, as a rule, use the resumes sent to them only as a source of obtaining the necessary information about the job seeker. If you send a non-standard resume directly to the employer, there is a chance that your creative approach will be appreciated.


To know how to write a resume correctly, explore these approaches. There are several standard lines, following which you can transform a CV into something creatively non-standard and thereby attract attention to yourself. According to the classic canons of office work, the photograph should be approximately the same as in your passport. However, there are no rules without exceptions.


This tool should be used carefully. It can be effective, but it can also bring unpredictable consequences. Some employers do not like such methods. 

Risk Area

The share of the risk of non-standard resumes is approximately 0.5% of the total number of resumes. Moreover, not all of them are really creative. Using a non-standard approach to writing a resume, you must be prepared for the fact that HR managers can interpret it in the sense that the candidate is too extravagant and it will be difficult to deal with him or her.


The photo should not exceed the passport size. There are three reasons why you should upload your photo.
A resume that includes a photo of the author is more productive and interesting to the employer.
Photo contributes to reliable identification of your personality.

Most employers make their conclusion on the provision of work to the applicant within the first 3 minutes after meeting. The appearance plays a significant role in making the first impression. That is why it makes sense to acquaint your potential employer with your image beforehand.
Now you know how to make a resume properly!