Almost every student tends to postpone the moment of doing homework. Sometimes you just keep on watching TV shows until the very last moment. And maybe the only reason is the lack of motivation. It sometimes happens that we just don’t know how to start. Here are some steps that will help you to get over your procrastination. If you have ever asked yourself how to do your homework, below is the answer.

Step 1
Try to do as many tasks as possible while you are still at school, between the classes. That will give you free time after your studies. You can always find some spare time during your lunch, for example.

Doing homework during classes also gives a great opportunity to ask your teachers for some help or advice. 
Start with the hardest assignment. It will give you more time on thinking over it and adding some parts after. Than you can go to the less demanding tasks and return to the hard ones with the new energy and ideas.

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Step 2
Break the process of doing homework into pieces:

  • Read different materials to get ideas on your thoughts and future answers in the process of doing homework.
  • Go step-by-step while answering the questions, adding new ideas to your first thoughts. Add one phrase for each question.
  • Add a second phrase and then another one. 
  • If you need to move on, don’t be afraid to leave spaces in your work.
  • Reread your answers to invent new ideas.

Step 3
Invent a system of rewards. Make a task and give yourself a little present. It can be anything: reading a book for a while, talking to your friend, visiting a website, etc.  This will help you to save motivation to do homework.

Step 4
Don’t procrastinate. Take action the earliest you can and leave yourself time for rest. 

Step 5
Work smart; take regular breaks for your brain to rest. Take a rest every hour. Move, eat or drink something to refresh yourself.

Step 6
Don’t forget about the consequences if you don’t do your homework. Remember also that homework is given to help you improve your knowledge.

Step 7
Think of the benefits of doing your homework. Your high grades, your knowledge, etc.

Step 8
Find a good place where you won’t get distracted. It should be a place without friends, TV shows or other distractions. Find also a hard surface, like a table, to write on. If you need your computer, avoid social networks to remain concentrated. The atmosphere around you should be calm.

Step 9
Clean up your desk and workplace. It will help you concentrate better.

Step 10
Find a partner for doing homework. It should not be a friend that will distract you from studying, but a quiet and hard-working person.

Step 11
Come up with your own method of studying. It should include your own pace and style of working. 

Step 12
You can listen to some quiet music. It may not work for you, of course. But if it does, listen to classical, instrumental or just quiet music to not be distracted by the lyrics.

Step 13
Make some exercises during breaks. It will help you make tension less, which is one of the ways of how to do homework fast.

Step 14
Make doing your homework a routine thing.  

Step 15
Disconnect from all the devices that can distract you and put them far from your reach. If you don’t need your computer for your tasks, turn it off and go to a quiet place. To keep track of time, use a timer.

Step 16
Make priorities. Don’t start with the long-term projects and don’t leave your urgent assignments for the last minute.

Step 17
You can make two or three easier tasks at the beginning to get the feeling of success. That will encourage you to take further steps. 

Step 18
Use a method of breaking hard problems into simpler ones when it comes to doing math tasks or preparing to exams.

Step 19
Now you are ready to start doing your homework!

We hope these tips helped you to learn how to do homework and how to get motivated to do homework.

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