It is very likely that on some stage of your academic life you will be given such an assignment as an informative essay. It is common for both university and high school students. It may happen that you will be given an exact topic to undertake, but sometimes a professor may let you decide on your own what subject matter you would like to write about. Students usually opt for something they already know so that it is not that difficult to start. Not depending on the topic, you should remember what the informative essay is aimed at. Its purpose is to give enough data on a certain topic and educate a reader. So, you cannot concentrate too much on your own thoughts and hypotheses. The writer’s mission is to make sure that a reader gets the straightforwardly interpreted material that he or she could easily perceive.


Composing an Informative Essay Outline

Not sure what to write about in an informative essay outline? The essay itself follows the basic essay structure, the most crucial elements of which are the introductory section, the main body consisting of three paragraphs, and the conclusion. All these points should be presented in the outline.

The introduction serves to make a person familiar with the chosen topic. It claims the thesis and addresses the audience in a captivating way. It is really helpful to apply the following format: lead-in information, thesis. In the lead-in, you should tell the reader why you are writing the essay. What is important, this part connects the beginning with the next step, a thesis. When you cast light on the motives and subject matter, the text looks more balanced and well-organized. Do not forget about something catching to intrigue a reader and make him/her willing to read further. Having this on your mind, you may apply various techniques, such as bringing in statistics, asking rhetorical questions, etc. It may also be helpful to provide a reader with a definition of the subject you are going to develop. Additionally, a thesis statement should not be too long, make it a brief and clear synopsis of the main argument in your writing.

The body paragraphs provide argumentation, each focusing on a certain aspect. All the information works to support your thesis statement. That is why, check whether the information, which you are using, is credible. Do not take it from the sources that seem to be dubious. A topic sentence should be the first thing, which you mention in each paragraph. It tells in a short form the main point of the section. Moreover, the writer’s own view of the problem may also be examined through the topic sentence. Demonstrate the strongest points and explain to the reader the way it works within the issue. Supporting evidence is an element that guarantees your success in persuading your reader. Without supporting evidence, you may be talking in vain. To persuade the audience, you may also use citations from the works of distinguished experts in the sphere. In this case, make sure you know how to cite in a proper way.

The conclusion is used for summarizing the most vital information, restating the thesis statement, and telling the generalized points on the developed subject. It should iterate the information from the introduction but not in the annoying manner. It should once again manifest the points that are already supported by a number of weighty arguments. One more important thing you are ought to do is to offer the final insight. After reading the essay, a reader should have in his/her mind a couple of new ideas taken from your paper. In this enclosing section, the focus must be on the key points.

Writing an outline takes much effort, as you should squeeze in everything that is essential in your essay within the bounds of outline. Regarding of the word limit you have, you should remember to apply transition words to make the writing coherent and comprehensive.