If you are a student, copywriter, freelance writer, or blogger, then you have probably done many article writing projects. Indeed, creating a high-quality article within a short deadline is a very challenging task. To cope with this assignment successfully, one should have a set of appropriate skills and competencies. In case you lack experience, we strongly recommend you check our guide as it includes a number of helpful tips for article writing.

In the age of the Internet, it is particularly important to create high-quality content that meets the needs of the target audience. If the text is too boring or shallow, the readers will never read it until the end. As such, it is vitally important to know some article writing tips that can help create exceptional masterpieces that keep your readers thrilled about reading until the last dot.


What Are the Main Steps in Writing an Article?

Creative writing article is an effort-consuming process that requires awareness of the topic, diligence, and attention to detail. If you want to figure out how to create an engaging piece, we recommend you have a look at the steps provided below:

  • Make up a list of ideas. You never know when writer’s block may happen. Thus, we recommend you to write down all interesting ideas that appear in your head. By jotting down these insights in your notebook, you will have a great source of inspiration.
  • Eliminate distractions. The process of writing an academic article requires attention to details. Although multitasking is a great skill, you won’t be able to listen to music or watch your favorite TV show when working on your project. To create an engaging piece, you need to focus on the writing process. Paying attention to other things will significantly compromise the quality of your work. Before you start working, we recommend you to make sure there are no distractions.
  • Carry out advanced research. You can’t create a winning article based solely on your own perception of the topic. In-depth research is an integral part of the writing process. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to look for accurate facts and relevant statistics to back up your arguments. Such an approach will enable you to become more specific and clear. Also, you should not forget to give credit to all authors whose works you use in your research. If you cannot find appropriate research information, consider adjusting your thesis and hook.
  • Keep your text simple. The success of your work depends mainly on how your audience understands it. If you include sophisticated terms without explaining them, you will confuse your reader. Consequently, the quality of your article can be undermined. The best way to write a high-quality paper is to focus on the major points and eliminate fluff information.
  • Create an outline. Those writers who understand the importance of a well-structured outline will never start writing without it. Basically, an outline is a list of bullet points that help the writer understand what direction to choose when developing the arguments.
  • Edit your text. As soon as your first draft is ready, you need to edit it making sure it is free from logical flaws. In case there are some awkward statements or irrelevant information, you need to fix it. Mind that grammatical mistakes also compromise the quality of your writing. Thus, to receive the anticipated outcome, your document should be correct and comprehensive in all aspects.
  • Set deadlines. Proper organization of the writing process is very important. You need to dedicate enough time to planning, researching, writing, and editing stages. Creating a perfect article paper may take a great deal of time. Thus, you need to start early and avoid procrastination.

We do hope that our tips for writing a good article will help you cope with this task effortlessly. Do not be afraid of this task, and you will achieve your goals!

Article Writing Format

When it comes to article writing, the format is as important as content and structure. Remember that your primary goal is to deliver the information to the reader in a maximally clear manner. To make your article look fine and bring good traffic, you are supposed to follow some basic rules. The common format is as follows:

  • Heading;
  • By line;
  • Main body (usually contains 3-4 paragraphs discussing the main points);
  • Conclusion (the final part that usually contains recommendations or a call to action).

Let’s discuss these parts in detail:

1. The heading of your article should be clear and catchy. Nowadays, when so much information is available in just a few clicks of the mouse, it is necessary to spark readers attention by engaging headers. To do it successfully, you need to use your creativity and imagination.

2. By line means indicating the author of an article. In some cases, you may need to add your personal details;

3. In the main body, you have to discuss the topic or issue in detail. This part usually includes a couple of paragraphs. In the main body of your article, you need to provide strong arguments and support them with appropriate evidence;

4. The concluding part should not include new arguments. Instead, it should wrap up the discussion and provide the readers with proper recommendations.

Following the format mentioned above is helpful in developing the arguments properly.

Why It Is Important to Follow the Common Article Writing Template

Have a look at the main benefits that make an article template a valuable instrument in your toolkit:

1. You will be more efficient. Without having a good plan, you may spend hours or even days trying to find some inspiration. A good template will help you make the writing process more organized and efficient.

2. Your article will get clarity. A template will help you make your article clear and comprehensive. Without a template, you may end up with vague sense and a lot of blurry lines.

3. You will publish better content. When you are working on blog articles for marketing purposes, then you should definitely use the templates. They will help you make your ideas consistent and audience-oriented.

As you can see, the importance of a perfect template cannot be underestimated because it is one of the main features of article writing. With a template, you will be able to organize the process in a way that will help craft a winning piece and foster your article writing skills. If you look through some examples of article writing, you will see that they follow a common algorithm.

Template for Article Writing

Following a template is one of the main tips for writing an article of high quality. Using a good one, you will be able to succeed. When working on your next project, make sure to have a look at the template we suggest below:

  • Topic summary. At first, you need to provide a very brief summary of your topic to familiarize your reader with it. Remember that it is the starting point for everything you will do later. Thus, you need to help your reader understand whether your article is worth attention.
  • Keyword data. Next, your document should include keywords or tags that help readers find your document when looking for similar pieces. List the keyword and keyword combinations to ensure the search volume.
  • Headline options. Make sure to include the right number of headlines to facilitate the reading process for your audience.
  • Angle. You are free to discuss your topic from different angles. For example, you can make it product-focused, list of tips, step-by-step guide, compare and contrast, etc. By choosing the field to focus on, you will make your paper clear and thesis-driven. Also, you may need to use a traditional template including the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Before you start working on your paper, you will need to carry out thorough research on your subject. Feel free to go online and find as much relevant and accurate data as possible. Perhaps, you will need to interview knowledgeable experts, who will familiarize you with the main trends and tendencies in your topic. Once you are done with research, you will need to brainstorm your ideas to understand what arguments will appear in your paper. Brainstorming is a very important stage because it allows you to choose the overall direction, as well as specific arguments.

Brainstorming usually results in writing an outline. A well-developed plan is the skeleton of your article. It will include the major points and insights that will appear in your text. Without an outline, you will end up jumping from one idea to another, which may compromise your work.

Our free article writing template aims to help you organize your paper in a way that allows making your article engaging and easy to read. If you are unsure what a good article is, you can have a look at some article writing examples available in scientific journals and magazines. By reading successful samples, you will find it easier to understand how to write and organize your own piece.

Let’s Get Started!

Article writing is both a challenging and enjoyable experience. It is your opportunity to explore a particular topic from different angles and suggest your own perspective. What is more, such an assignment is a great chance to develop your analytical skills and cognitive abilities. By writing various types of articles on a regular basis, you will greatly develop your creative thinking. In other words, you should not be afraid of article writing since this task can be very rewarding. We do hope that the template provided in our guide will become your useful source of efficient tips for article writing. Become a skilled writer today!